Skirt with flounces

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Materials Yarn DROPS COTTON MERINO (50% wool, 50% cotton, 50 g / 110 m) 7-8-9-10-11-12 skeins of white color, circular knitting needles 4 mm, elastic ribbon 66-110 cm long Knitting

21 stitches and 28 rows = 10x10 cm with front stitch
1 pattern according to A.1 = 4.5 cm

Description of the skirt with knitting needles for women

Note: all rows are shown on the pattern. While knitting a skirt, there will be a lot of loops on the knitting needles, so it is better to use two pairs of circular knitting needles.
How to perform decreases: decreases are performed on both sides of the markers in turn, i.e. in one circle only on the right, and in the other - only on the left.
In front of the marker: 2 p. Persons together.
After the marker: remove 1 item as a person., 1 person.p. and stretch it through the shot.

1 shuttlecock
Dial 299-325-364-403-429-468 p. And knit in a circle with pattern A.1, then continue knitting according to the pattern of pattern A.2, completing vert. rapport 6 times, then knit 2 more first laps according to scheme A.2. Continue knitting with the front stitch and at the same time in the 1st circle evenly reduce 51-51-57-64-58-64 st. = 202-224-251-277-305-332 st. Lay the loops and knit 2 shuttlecock .

Dial 286-312-351-390-416-455 p. And knit in the same way as the first shuttlecock. While knitting with the front stitch in the 1st circle, evenly reduce 40-40-46-53-47-53 p. Next, fold both knitting needles with loops together and knit 2 stitches together with the knitting needles from each knitting needle, thereby connecting parts = 202 -224-251-277-305-332 p. Continue knitting with the front stitch to a height of 6 cm from the connecting circle. Set aside the loops and knit 3 shuttlecocks.

Gather 273-299-338-377-403-442 p. And knit as 1 shuttlecock, continue knitting with the front stitch and in the 1st circle evenly reduce 29-29-35-42-36-42 p. Connect the 3 shuttlecock to the main detail how 1 and 2 shuttlecocks were connected. Then knit to a height of 6 cm and at the same time in the last circle evenly reduce 10-14-17-19-17-20 st. = 192-210-234-258-288-312 st.

For 4 shuttlecocks, dial 260-286-325-364-390-429 p., Knit like all previous shuttlecocks. During knitting with a smooth surface in the 1st circle, evenly reduce 28-32-41-50-42-51 p. And connect 4 shuttlecocks with the main part = 192-210-234-258-288-312 p. And the height of the skirt is 26 cm from the bottom edge.

Continue knitting with facial stitch and next. put 6 markers next to the circle. way: 16-18-20-22-24-24-26 p., put a marker, then put the next 5 markers every 32-35-39-43-48-52 p. and knit the last 16-18-20-22- 24-26 p. Next circle start to decrease (see description above), repeat the circle of decrease every 2 cm 3-4-5-6-7-7-8 p. = 144-156-174-192-216-234 p. After 40-42-44-46-48-50 cm from the typesetting edge, perform 1 circle out.p. and then still knit 2 cm with front stitch. Close all loops freely.

Tighten the upper edge inwards along with the p. and sew by inserting the tape.

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