Sand pullover with embossed pattern

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

Yarn 1 (75% cotton, 25% viscose; 125 m / 50 g) - 600 (650) 700 g sand; yarn 2 (40% viscose, 30% cotton, 20% flax, 10% polyamide; 125 m / 50 g) - 50 g each brown and khaki; Spokes number 3.5; hook number 3.5 and 4.5. 


Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

number of loops is a multiple of 9 + 3 p. Knit according to the above scheme. On it are given only the front rows. In purse rows stitches loops and nakida. Wide repeat rapport, finish loops after rapport. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 6th row. 

From the left: knit according to the pattern to the last 4 p., Then 2 p. Knit together the front, 1 person., Chrome. 

From the right edge: chrome., 1 person., 2 points. Knit together with a tilt to the left (= 1 point. Remove, as with the front knitting, tie the next loop with the front one and pull the loop out through the knitted one). 

BAKI Crochet №3.5 st. b / n, with each row starting with 1 ip rise instead of 1st st. b / n., finish 1 com. in ce lifting. 

Crochet number 3.5 st. b / n, with each row additionally starting with 1 ip lifting. For the trunk, tie a starting chain of 21 inc. With a brown thread. and work to continue as follows: 

1st row: 20 tbsp. b / n, with starting from the 2nd century off the hook.

2nd row: 5 tbsp. b / n, the remaining 15 of Art. b / n to leave untied and turn. 

3rd row: 5 tbsp. b / n 

4th row: 5 tbsp. b / n, the remaining 15 of Art. b / n of the 1st row to bind art. b / n 

At the end perform 3 vp and attach them to the 21st ce initial chain (= arch of ce). 

For the 1st sheet, crochet No. 3.5, tie a khaki thread with an initial chain of 8 points. Start from 2nd vp from the hook, perform on 1 connection. Art. in the next 3 c., the rest of ce. tie st. b / n, finish 1 connection Art. for arch from vp The remaining 10 leaves do the same, but of different lengths (on the initial chains from 7 to 10 ce). 

24 items x 33 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected (spokes number 3.5), the front surface; 
28 p. X 33 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected through a pattern with "braids";
13 p. X 20 p. = 10x 10 cm, connected by a plank / beike pattern (hook No. 4.5). 

Finishing strips / inlay knit crochet №4.5 from acc. part edges. The arrows in the drawing indicate the direction of knitting. 


On the spokes # 3, 5, dial with sand string 127 (137) 147 p. And knit, spreading the loops of the patterns as follows: chrome, 16 (21) 26 p. smooth surface, 93 p. pass-through pattern with "braids", 16 (21) 26 p. persons. smooth 

After 61 cm = 202 p. (63.5 cm = 210 p.) 66 cm = 218 p. from the dial-up row close on both sides for shoulder bevels 1 time 12 (13) 13 points, then in the next 2 r. one more time 12 (13) 13 points. 

Simultaneously with the beginning of the shoulder bevels, close the middle 51 (55) 61 points for the neckline and finish both sides separately.

To round the neck close from the inside edge in the next 2 r. 1 time 3 p. 

Through 62.5 cm = 206 p. (65 cm = 214 p.) 67.5 cm = 222 p. from the dial, close the remaining 11 (12) 14 p. of the shoulder. The second side finish symmetrically. 

Knit, like a back, but with a V-neck. To do this, after 43.5 cm = 144 p. (45 cm = 148 p.) 45.5 cm = 150 p. from the dial in the next person. a number of middle pts to knit together according to the pattern, not to make knits on either side of them = 125 (135) 145 p. 

Next wear. close the middle loop and finish both sides separately (last inner loop = chrome) = 62 (67) 72 points on each side. 

Simultaneously, for a bevel, subtract (see Decorative Decays) from the inner edge 25 (27) 30 times in each 2nd p. 1 p.

On knitting needles No. 3, 5, use sand string 77 (81) 87 p. And knit, spreading the loops of the patterns as follows: chrome, 0 (2) 5 n. smooth surface, 75 p. of a through pattern with "braids", 0 (2) 5 p. of persons. smooth 

At the same time, starting from the dial, add on both sides for bevels 3 times in each 4th p., Then 20 times alternately in each 4th p. and in every 6th p. 1 p., on added loops to knit with the front satin finish = on the needles 123 (127) 133 p. In 42 cm = 138 p. from a dial-up number of a loop to close in one row. 

Run shoulder seams.

Hook №4.5 to tie along the edge of the neck with the specified pattern (see above) a bake, at the same time in the 1st p. fulfill 99 (105) 115 art. b / n In the 2nd p. to fit the bake in the areas of shoulder seams, 2 pts each knotted together, and simultaneously, to form a corner of the cutout, to knit together the middle 3 points = 95 (101) 111 pts. = 87 (93) 103 p. With a width of 3.5 cm cm = 7 p. work to finish. 

Sew sleeves. Run side seams and sleeve seams. 

On the bottom edge of the product with crochet No. 4, 5, tie the strap to the specified pattern, performing 102 (112) 122 st. In each row. b / n With a slat width of 4.5 cm = 9 p. work to finish. 

Plank sleeves perform similarly = 29 (31) 34 Art. b / n in each row. Make an application "Palma" (see above) and sew it, as in the photo.

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