Crochet Chic Mesh Free Pattern

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Size: Girth chest 68 cm, length of product 61 cm, sleeve length 45 cm.

Material: About 200 g x/b yarn, Hook № 1.5. Density of knitting: 9 arches and B p. P. and art. b/N. = 10 x 10 cm. 

The basic pattern: to Knit on a scheme (arches from 6 etc.). Rosette pattern: Knit According to the scheme and description.
1st P.: Tie a ring of 6. P.
2nd P.: To be in the ring 6 art. With N., between art. Knit 5 P.
3rd R.: In arches of 5. P. Knit 2 art. b/N., 4 art. With N., 2 art. b/N. Connect the sockets on the line of the 4th p. 
Pattern "Edge": knit according to the description: 3. P., 1 art. b/N., 3 art. With N., 1 art. b/N.

Execution technique

Before and back: knit according to pattern.
1st P.: Dial 304. P.
2nd p.: Knit 2. P. and 1 art. With the N. in every 2nd. P.
3rd p.: Knit arches of 6. In each 2nd Arch of 2. P., art. b/N. 

Further knit according to the scheme of the Pattern. Knit the detail in a circle. When reaching the height of 44 cm continue to knit separately. For armholes on each side reduce 3 cm. At an altitude of 54 cm start forming the neck cut. At an altitude of 61 cm complete knitting. On the backrest to form a neckline at an altitude of 56 cm. At an altitude of 61 cm complete knitting. 

Sleeve: Connect 12 sockets and connect them. Connect the first socket to the
Shoulder line. Left and right continue to knit the main pattern in the direction from top to bottom. To carry out the sleeves on the inner line on the side of the sockets. At an altitude of 45 cm finish knitting and tie the edges of the sleeves with a pattern "edge". 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. Connect 20 sockets to decorate the neck cut line. Tie the cut line to the edge pattern.

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