Crochet Stylish Blouse Free Pattern

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The model is made in the technique of Tunisian knitting.

For knitted jumper we will need:

Yarn (fine-grained) 7 colors-150 g main gray color and 50 g of yarn for finishing.
Hook for Tunisian knitting № 5 30-40 cm long.

Description: How to knit a jumper.

The pattern of the Roman numerals is the color of the yarn.

Size 48

Each fragment begins to knit with 6 rows of a platen-lapel.

An example of knitting a strip of jumper.

Fragment 1.
Yarn (I) knit 6 rows of a roller-lapel. Then knit the right number of cm strips, on the hook remains 1 loop, and postpone knitting.
Fragment 2.
Yarn (III) knit 6 rows of a roller-lapel. One loop remains on the hook.

Connection of fragments 1 and 2.

Overlay fragment 2 on fragment 1
To a loop of fragment 2 on a hook we pick up a loop of fragment 1, the connected yarn (I).
Next, we perform a yarn (iii) Set of loops, alternately introducing a hook under the loops of fragment 2 of Yarn (iii), which lies on top and fragment 1 of yarn (I), which lies at the bottom.

The number of loops on the hook doubled.
In the opposite direction we have two loops together from the inlaid series.

We have the necessary number of cm strips of yarn (III). 1 loop left on the hook
Let's go to the knitting of fragment 3.


All the front and back strips are sewn together in a needle.
The neck is tied with columns without a scale.
Knit collar of 6 rows and attach to the neck from the front side. The collar is pressed over the edge of the butt.
We stitch sleeves and carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves.

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