Crochet White Dress Free Pattern

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Tender and graceful. It was made to order but would gladly repeat again.
Embossed cuts on the back and front decorated with ruffles, flirtatious ruffles, sleeve 3/4 all so feminine and elegant all that should emphasize and hide.
Surprisingly successful model. Fascinates and admires and no one will not leave indifferent. Due to dense mating there is no need to wear a cover. Tied dress of viscose thread + cotton, very pleasing to the body.

Color can be chosen any other at will. You can tie the dress from pure cotton.

Received untold pleasure from the result of work. For more exact vyvdelivanija separate details the individual pattern by standards of the order was made. On the dress used thread VEGA expense on all dress 700 gr.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3351886/post232867055/

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