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Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 (48/50).

You will need: yarn (52% extra merino wool, 48% Egyptian cotton, 120 m / 50 g) Merino-Cotton type) from Junghans-Wolle: 200 (250), 250 (300) g natural white, 150 (150), 150 (200) g of light red color. 100 (100), 100 (100) g of gray color; knitting needles No. 4 and No. 5.

Knitting technique. Knitting density: 13 p. and 24 p.
openwork pattern = 10 x 10 cm; "braid" pattern ": 15 p. = 6.5 cm wide, 24 p. = 10 cm in height.

Gum 1/1: knit, alternating 1 LP. 1 PI.
Openwork pattern for the back and front: knit according to pattern 1; openwork pattern for the sleeve: knit according to scheme 2;

"braid" pattern: knit according to pattern 1. In out. rows not shown in the diagram of the loop and yarn knit IP. Repeat the pattern in height from the 1st row.
1 Before and back, knit from several balls.
To switch from a thread of one color to a thread of a different color with a clear border of color, perform the connection as follows: knit the loop to the border of the color: puncture with a needle, fix the end of the working part of the thread; loosen the last 5 loops, bend the thread in the marked place, backing 5 mm from the bend. Pass the end of one thread into the eye of the needle, pass through the other thread with the needle from the end to the ball, and drag the end of the first thread. In the loop formed, insert the end of a thread of a different color, bend it. retreating 5 mm from the bend; pull the free end through the thread with a needle, knit the fabric loops. The transition from one color to another will be clear and in the right place.

Decreases: right side of the shelf: in persons. in rows 2 p. after 6 p. "braids" "knit together with a simple broach (1 p. remove as a medicinal product. 1 medicinal product and stretch it through the removed loop); left side of the shelf: 2 p. before 6 p. “braids” 'to knit together LP.

Job Description
Front. For knitting needles No.
4, dial 7 (9) 11 (13) p. Yarn of natural white color, 15 p. Yarn of natural white color, 15 p. Yarn of natural white color, 15 p. Yarn of light red color, 13 p. Yarn naturally - white, 15 p. gray yarn and 7 (9) 11 (13) p. natural white yarn = 85 (89)
93 (97) p.

Sizes 36/38 (40/42)
In areas of natural white yarn, knit with an elastic 1/1 on knitting needles No. 4, in areas of gray and light red yarn, begin to sew a “braid” pattern according to pattern 1 with knitting needles No. 5. After 6 cm = 14 p. in areas of natural white yarn, continue working with an openwork pattern according to scheme 1 on knitting needles 5.
At a height of 39 (40) 41 (42) cm, for the V-shaped neckline, close the middle loop and continue to knit both sides separately, while reduce both sides in each 4th r. 13 times for 1 p. (See. "Knitting technique. Decreases").

At the same time, at an altitude of 42 (43) 45 (46) cm, for armholes on both sides, decrease in each 2nd river. 6 times for 1 p. At an altitude of 20 (21) 22 (23) cm from the beginning, the armholes for shoulder bevels on both sides should be closed in every 2nd river. 4 times for 4 points (2 times for 5 points and 2 times for 4 points) 4 times for 5 points (2 times for 6 points and 2 times for 5 points). On the remaining 7 sts., On each side, knit a “braid” for a bejiké pattern another 13 cm high and lay down the loops.
Back. Collect loops from different balls and knit like the front part. Run armholes and shoulder bevels, both at the front. At the same time, for the neckline at a height of 63 (65) 67 (69) cm from the start of work, close the middle 41 points for the neckline and finish both sides separately.

Sleeves. On knitting needles No. 4, dial 29 (31) 35 (37) p. With yarn of a natural white color and knit with an elastic 1/1. After 6 cm = 14 p. continue work with an openwork pattern according to scheme 2 on knitting needles No. 5. For bevels on both sides, add to the 7th p. openwork pattern of 1 p., then 1 p. 9 times in each 8th p. and 3 times in each 6th p. = 55 (57) 61 (63) p. Include new loops in the openwork pattern.
At a height of 51.5 cm from the start of work, for armholes on both sides, reduce in each 2nd river. 8 times for 1 p. At a height of 58 cm from the beginning, close the remaining 39 (41) 45 (47) p. Connect the second sleeve in the same way.

Assembly and decoration. Moisten the details, straighten them according to the pattern and leave to dry.
Perform shoulder and side seams. seams of sleeves. Sew sleeves into armholes. Connect the short sides of the tape with a “loop into a loop” seam and sew it into the neck of the back.

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