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Size: 44-46. 
you need: 

100 g of white yarn and 50 g of light yellow, yellow and brown colors each (JEANS, 55% cotton, 45% polyacryl; 160 m / 50 g); 
Knitting needles and circular needles No. 2; 
hook number 3. 
Technique: knitting. 

Gum: 2 facial, 2 purl. 

Knitting density: 21 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Back: on knitting needles No. 2, type 86 p. With white yarn and tie 7 cm with an elastic band, continue with the front satin stitch, while in the 1st row add 4 pt evenly, tying them with a cross from a broach between the loops (= 90 p.) At the height 31 cm from the beginning in the center to introduce colored threads and perform color shift according to scheme 3.1. At a height of 40 cm from the beginning, add on both sides in each 2nd row 1 p. 5 times (= 100 p.). At the same time, at a height of 41 cm from the beginning, divide the fabric in half and knit each part separately. In the 1st row of each half, close the inside on 1 p. After 15 cm to round the neckline close the inside on the 17 p. And in each 2nd row 6 times on 1 p. At the height of 62 cm from the beginning close the remaining 26 p. Shoulder.

Before: similar to the back, but start with a yellow thread and after the elastic on the right, insert and replace the colors of the yarn according to scheme 3.2. From the 15th row, continue the color shift by analogy in each front row by 1 p. To the left until it reaches the middle, and then continue according to scheme 3.3. To cut the neck at a height of 48 cm from the beginning, close the middle 28 points and then finish both sides separately. To round the neckline, close the inner side in each 2nd row 1 times 3 points, 2 times 2 points and 3 times 1 point. At a height of 62 cm from the beginning close the remaining 26 points of the shoulder.

Assembly: perform shoulder and side seams. Along the front side of the neckline, on the circular knitting needles, uniformly loop and knit 5 rows of the front satin stitch, in the 2nd and 4th row, knit evenly 6 times 2 pts together. Then knit 1 row with purl loops for the fold and 4 more rows with the front satin stitch, in the 1st and 3rd row add evenly 6 points each, provoying them from the broach crossed between the loops. Close the loop, fold the binding in half along the fold line and sew on the wrong side. Along the edge of the armhole crochet on 1 row of Art. b / n the corresponding color edge of the yarn. Crochet 2 laces in chains. n. and sew them to the edges of the cut neck on the back.

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