Tunic with a cut on the back

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

Yarn (100% cotton; about 175 m / 50 g) - 350 (400) 450 g red; Knitting needles number 3; hook number 3; a red glass button in the shape of a rose with a diameter of approx. 23 mm. 


Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 

Knits on 7 loops under the scheme. 

The figure to the left of the diagram indicates the back row, to the right - the front rows. In the purl rows not shown in the diagram, the loops are knitted according to the pattern, the naquids are in the purl, the crossed loops are in the crossed purl.

In width, these 7 loops to perform 1 time. In height, perform 1 time the 1st to 5th rows, then constantly repeat the 2nd to 5th rows. 

9 (10) 11 n. Of purl smoothing, 
7 n. Of “track”, 
* 18 (20) 22 n. Of purl of smooth surface, 
7 n. Of “path”, 
from * constantly repeat, 
finish 9 (10) 11 n. seam surface, 

30 p. X 35 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected according to the sequence of patterns. 


Dial 152 (164) 176 p. And knit according to the sequence of patterns, starting with 1 of the wrong side.

For side bevels 15 cm from the dial-up row, perform a row with decrements - decreasing A. To do this, on both sides, both loops after and in front of the hemline and also both middle loops of each full strip of purl loops, knit together in purl = 145 (157) 169 p. 

In the next 16 (16) 26th p. perform a row with decreasing - decreasing B. For this, respectively, both middle loops of each full strip of purl loops must be knitted together with purl = 140 (152) 164 p. 

Then another 4 times in each next 16th r. (4 times in each next 16th p.) 2 times in each next 26th p. Perform alternately 1 decrease of A and 1 decrease of B = 116 (128) 152 p. Then knit straight for the waist.

After 41 (43) 45 cm from the typesetting number for registration section on the back split job middle and end right side in the first 58 (64) 76 n., Wherein the edge division added to 1 edge = 59 (65) 77 n. 

After 7 cm from the beginning of the waist to perform 1 row with additions - increase A. For this, after the edge and in the middle of the first two strips from the back loops, add 1 of the wrong crossed loops from the transverse thread = 62 (67) 80 p. 

In the next 12 (12) 18th p. perform 1 row with additions - increase B. To do this, in the middle of each strip of purl loops add 1 purl crossed loop of transverse thread = 64 (69) 82 p.

Now 1 time in the next 12th p. and 3 times in each of the next 10th p. (1 time in the next 12th and 3 times in each next 10th r.) 2 times in each next 18th r. alternately perform 1 increment A and 1 increment B = 74 (79) 87 p. 

After 61 cm from the dial, mark the armhole on both sides and knit straight. 

For the neck, 16 (18) 20 cm from the mark on the edge of the separation side, close 21 (23) 25 p. 

For rounding in each 2nd p. close 1 time 4 points, 1 time 3 points, 1 time 2 points and 1 time 1 point. The remaining 43 (46) 52 points 3 cm from the beginning of the neckline close right to the shoulder. 

Left side knit symmetrically right. 

Knit the same as the back, but without a cut, instead perform a deeper neck. The additions inside the strips of purl loops should be performed as on the back, however loops should also be added inside the middle stripe of the purl loops (as well as in the other strips) = 152 (164) 176 p. 

For the neckline through 10 (12) 14 cm from the mark close the average 34 (40) 45 p. and both sides finish separately. 

Along the inner edge for rounding in each 2nd p. close 1 time 4 points, 1 time 3 points, 2 times 2 points and 5 times 1 point. The remaining 43 (46) 52 points shoulders close at the height of the backrest. 

Prick the details on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. Run the side and shoulder seams, while on the side seams leave open from the top for the armholes 19 (21) 23 cm from the mark and below 15 cm for the side cuts. 

The edges of the armholes, lateral incisions and the edge of the incision on the back width of approx. Hem each of the 2 cm to the inside of the inside, while at the points of transitions to the side seams or to the beginning of the cut edge on the back, nullify. 

Crochet the neck edge 1 krug.r. Art.b / n and 1 krug.r. "Crawling step" (= Art. B / n from left to right), while for the buttonhole loop in the 2nd round. On the right edge of the cut at the beginning of the row, crochet a chain of air loops of a length of approx. 3 cm and attach it 1 connection. Art. to the 1st st. b / n 

Sew a button to the upper left edge of the cut.


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