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Size 46-48. 
You will need 300 grams of cotton yarn in two colors, knitting needles No. 4 and No. 8. 
Pattern: knit openwork stripes on the slant of various patterns according to the scheme 1. 
Knitting density: 10p. * 15 p. = 10 * 10 cm. 
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Make a pattern on the size of two parts. After typing 46 p., Start knitting from the top of the 1st part before and knit with openwork stripes according to the patterns, changing the patterns from 1st to 6th and colors A and B. The direction of knitting is indicated by arrows. To expand the canvas add in the front rows on both sides of the 1st p. entering these loops into the pattern. After 32 cm, the width of the canvas should be 110 cm (110 p.). For a sleeve, drop about 40 p. Onto the auxiliary knitting needles and continue to knit only in front of the oblique, without expanding the web, i.e. on the one hand adding 1 p., and on the other - knitting 2 p. together. Continue to change the patterns and color of the yarn (refer to the pattern!). Having tied up 34 cm, finish with 4 rows of garter stitch and close all the loops. Remove the hinge sleeves on the working spokes and tie it along the oblique, repeating the patterns of the main canvas. The second is the same item 1 for the back tie in the mirror image. Knit half for the second sleeve (part 2) from above, typing 20 p. And slightly expand the canvas on one side (every 6 rows, add 1 p.), Referring to the pattern and the first sleeve. The second is the same item 2 tie in a mirror image. Tie the upper parts of the parts for neck design with knitting needles No. 4. Sew all the details.

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