Blue openwork sweater free pattern

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38/40 (44/46) YOU NEED Yarn (100% cotton, 130 m / z 50) - 400 (450) g of the green; Spokes number 3.5; circular needles number 3.5. PATTERNS AND CIRCUITS Openwork PATTERN The number of loops is a multiple of 32 + 16 (0) = knit acc. pattern. On it are given facial rows. In purse rows, knit all loops and nakida with purl, 2 knit in a row, knit 1 purl and 1 purse crossed. For size 1, start with 1 edge, repeat 3 times, finish with loops up to arrow A and 1 edge.

For size 2, start with 1 edge and loops from arrow B, repeat 3 times, finish with loops to arrow B and 1 edge. Run 1 times the 1-104th row, then constantly repeat the 101-104th row. 

Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops. 

Openwork band (4 loops) 
Knit acc. pattern (= gray-highlighted loops). The diagram shows the front rows. In the purl rows to knit all the loops in the purl, 2 knit in a row to knit 1 purl and 1 purl crossed. The loops marked in gray should be performed 1 time and constantly repeat the 1st to 4th rows. 

22 p. X 30.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Dial the needles 114 (130) loops with a cross-shaped set and knit with an openwork pattern. After 60.5 cm = 184 rows from the initial row, close all loops, with the average 56 points forming the neck, the outer 29 (37) points forming the shoulders. 

Knitting is like a back, but after 52.5 cm = 160 rows from the initial row close the middle 36 n. For the neck and finish both sides separately. 

For rounding on the inner edge, close in each 2nd row 10 x 1 n. At the height of the back, close the remaining 29 (37) n. Shoulders. 

64 loops on the knitting needles for each sleeve with a cruciform set and knit as follows: edging, 5 p. Face smooth, * 4 p. Openwork stripe, 4 p. , 5 p. Front surface, edging.

Simultaneously add to the bevel arm on both sides in every 8th row of the initial number of 14 x 1 n. (Alternately every 4th and 6th row 22 x 1 n.) Face stitch = 92 (108) n. 

After 39.5 cm = 120 rows from the initial row close all loops. 

Run shoulder seams. 

For the bei dial 140 ply loops on the circular needles along the edge of the neck and tie 2 circular rows of purl, facial and purl. Then close all the loops as purlins. 

Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.

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