Bright green dress free pattern

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Size: 46/48. 
YOU WILL BE NEEDED: 340 g of Alpina-ANITA yarn (94% mercerized cotton, 3% polyester. 3% polyamide; 275 m / 50 g) bright green: Gamma Pfe 3 knitting needles: circular needles Gamma № 3: 

On the spokes: front loops (face. P.). purl loops (izn. p.). front smooth surface, gum 1 x 1 (alternately 1 person. p., 1 wear p.). gum 6 × 6 (alternately 6 persons. p. 6 out. p.). 

Pattern - Kos number 1 to 6 p .: knit according to the scheme number 1. 

Pattern - Kos number 2 on 6 points: knit according to the scheme number 2. Fantasy pattern: knit according to the scheme. 

22 p. X 32 p. * 10 x 10 cm. Connected on the needles N? 3 facial smoothing. 

Knitting a dress 
Knitting bottom up.

Skirt, knitted back and front: on the circular needles No 3 dial 504 p. And knit 65 rows with an elastic band 6/6. In the last row 6 out. knit gum together. On the knitting needles ”210 p. The 

hinges are distributed as follows: 64 p. —Fancy pattern.146 p. - persons. l Next, knit 115 rows according to the scheme of fantasy pattern. Only 3 rapport 

For narrowing (on the front surface, perform a uniform decrease in each 10-m p. 2 times 13 points). On the needles = 184 p. In the 116th row from the gum the work is divided into 2 parts (94 p. - before. 90 p. - back). The hinges of the back to transfer to the auxiliary needle. Before: the loops of the front are divided as follows: 15 p. - right side + 64 p. - fantasy pattern + 15 p. - left side. 
For clearance raglan line to close on both sides in each persons. R. 26 times 1 p.

In the 125th row on the needles = 84 p. 
For the decoration of the neckline in the 125th row from the gum, close the average 22 p. And on both sides of them in each 2nd row 5 times 1 p. Then knit separately. 

Left side: knit according to the pattern of the pattern "Spit" No. 1. At the same time, knitting the raglan pinia. The remaining 2 paragraphs should be closed. 

Right side: knit according to the pattern of pattern "Braid" No. 2. at the same time knitting the raglan line. Back: on the needles = 90 p. For the design of the raglan line close on both sides in each person. R. 26 times no 1 p. Remaining 38 p. Close in the same row.

Right sleeve: on the needles number 3 dial 40 p. And knit 8 p. elastic band 1/1. Next, knit 145 rows of facial satin. To expand the sleeve, perform increments on both sides in each 12th row 12 times 1 point. On the needles = 64 points. To design a raglan line, close both sides in each 2nd row 26 times on 1 point. On the needles = 12 p. 
All loops close in one row Left sleeve: knit, like right. 

Run shoulder and seams on the sleeves. Sleeves sew in the armhole. On circular needles No. 3, in the line of the neckline, dial 116 points and knit 6 rows with an elastic band 1 x 1. Close the loops in the same row.

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