White Cardigan Free Pattern

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A white button cardigan can be the basic thing in your wardrobe. It can easily be dressed with a dress, and with trousers and jeans. You can use the waist strap as an accessory.
Size: S-M. 
You will need: Yarn Gipsy color № E61051 (50% Acrylic, 50% wool)-6 Motkov on 100 gr; Spokes № 7.
Job description
Back. Dial 58 loops, tie 2 cm elastic Band 2 x 2, starting with a reverse loop. In the next row evenly reduce 6 loops, continue knitting on 52 loops. Projazin 38 cm Reverse a smooth, close for Armholes 3, 2 and 1 loop. After another 20 cm, close the shoulder loops with a width of 10 cm.
Before. With 22 loops, hold the 2 cm elastic band. In the next row, bring 8 purl, 2 together, 1 scum, 1 wrong, 6 facial (for spit), 1 wrong, 2 together, 1 scum, 1 face. Bring in this way 38 cm, Perekreshhivaja loop for "spit" in each 12th row. Having made the Ubutki for armholes (3 + 2 + 1 loop), to knit to a shoulder, at the same time to move vyvtying openwork holes from the side of the collar to the opposite side of the "spit". After the decreases for the armhole to start the design of the neck, closing at the 1st loop in each 4th row.
Pocket. Having 12 loops, tie a rubber Band 2 x 2 4 cm and sew to the product.
Sleeve. Dial 30 loops and tie the rubber Band 2 cm. To tie in height 38 sm reverse a smooth, evenly having added at certain intervals 4 times on 1 loop on each side of knitting. Close for 3, 2 and 1 loop rounding.
Collar. dial to the center of the backrest 90 loops and wrap 16 loops with an elastic band. Then close the 50 loops from the bottom of the product. After tying on the remaining loops of 18 rows, close another 16 loops. After tying the remaining loops 25 rows, close another 12 loops. Having stuck on the remaining loops of 15 more rows, close simultaneously all loops in the last 40th row. In the same sequence, perform the 2nd half of the collar and sew in the center.

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