Knitted Top Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46 (German, Russian + 6)

You will need: 600 (650-700) G mustard yellow yarn (100% Wool: 95 m/50 g)-for example, ARGENTINE WOOL Kamtex
Spokes № 5; Circular Spokes № 5 length 40 cm; 1 auxiliary spokes; Beads, sequins with diameter of 6 mm and 15 mm and glass-length and 12 mm and 30 mm. 

Platinum binding. Facial and Purls rows-facial loops. In Circular rows to knit alternately 1 row of facial loops, 1 row of purl loops. 

Pattern "Leaves". Knit according to the scheme in rows in forward and reverse directions. Facial rows read from right to left. In the loops not shown in the scheme purl to tie in the figure, unless specified otherwise. Knit width 1 time. In height from the 1st to the 42 series to execute once, then from the 15th to the 42 series repeat three times, then execute 1 time from the 15th to the 40th row, while in the last rapport, beginning with the 27th row, the new motive does not start , and knit on the average 5 p. (= 2 N., 1 P. Take off, 2 N.) and make a raise (= from the stretch to knit 1 of the crossed loop). On loops between them to knit a platelkoj. 

Attention. In the 40th row (= N. Row) 3 p. Projazit together with a slope to the left is not reverse, and the front. 

3 p. Along with a tilt to the left. 1 p. To take off, as at a personal knitting, 2 p., Projazat together a front, then a removed loop to stretch through Projazelno. 

The Density of Knitting: Platelka knitting: 17 p. Their 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm. Pattern "Leaves": 23rd-37-P. = 13 cm. 

Description of knitting pullover with leaves knitting for the groom 

Back. On Spokes № 5 to dial a double thread 81 (87-93) p. and further to knit for the bottom lath a single thread of a Platelkoj, having started from a face row. After 2.5 cm = 8 p. From the beginning of the binding work continue, distributing the loops of patterns as follows: Chrome., 14 (16-18) p. Platelki Knitting, 23 p. Pattern "Leaves", 5 (7-9) p. Platelki, 23 p. Pattern "Leaves", 14 (16-18) p. Platelki, Chrome. After 26 cm = 84 R. From the inlaid series to make on both sides for Armholes on the label and continue to work as before (see also description of the pattern "Leaves" in height). Through 48 (49-50) cm = 154 (156-160) p. From the inlaid series close on both sides for the shoulder bevel first to 4 (6-8) p., then in each 2nd row 6 more times 4 p. = 25 (27-29) p. At the Same time with the 4th shoulder to leave for the neck Middle 19 (21-23) p. And both sides to finish separately. For rounding of a neck to close from an internal edge in each 2nd row 1 times 2 p. and 1 times 1 p. (all loops are closed). The Second side to finish symmetrically.

Before. Knit as a backrest, but for a deeper neck lower in the middle of the last two motives in the pattern "Leaves" and through 46 (47-48) cm = 148 (150-154) p. Temporarily leave the average 15 (17-19) p. Both sides to finish separately and to close the neck with The inner edge in each 2nd P. 1 times 2 p. and 3 times 1 p. Humerus Skas to perform, as on the backrest. The Second side to finish symmetrically. 

Sleeve. On Spokes № 5 to dial a double thread of 44 (48-52) p. and further to knit a single thread of a Platelkoj, having started from a facial row. In the 8th row of the inlaid series add on both sides for the bevel first to 1 p., then in each 8-th row Another 14 times 1 p. = 74 (78-82) p. Through 44 (45-46) cm = 140 (144-148) p. From the inlaid series all loops close in one row. The Second sleeve is knit the same way. 

Assembly. Put the Parts on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. Perform shoulder seams. On Circular Spokes № 5 to translate left 19 (21-23) p., Back and 15 (17-19) p., front and between them on the edge of the neck to dial another 24 p. = 82 (86-90) p. Knit in a circle of the Platinkoy and 3 cm = 9 p. Loops close. Perform side seams to labels. Run the seams of the sleeves. Sew sleeves. Fasten the Ends of the threads. Before the pullover to sew beads, glass and sequins, as pictured or arbitrarily.

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