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Yarn (100% cotton; 165 m / 50 g) - 450 g white, 100 g gray and 50 g blue; circular needles number 3.5; 4 buttons. 


Knit alternately 2 persons., 2 out. 

Knit alternately 1 person., 1 out. 

and back rows - front loops. When circular knitting knit alternately 1 row of facial, 1 row of purl. 

Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial. 

Knit alternately 1 person., 1 w., Pattern shift 1 p. In each row.

Knit according to the above scheme. In width, repeat the loop between the arrows = rapport. 

4 p. gray garter viscous, 
6 p. white rubber A, 
4 p. gray facial smoothing, 
2 p. blue garter viscous, 
8 p. white pearl pattern, 
8 p. blue pearl pattern, 
2 p. gray facial smoothing, 
2 p. white garter viscous, 
2 p. gray facial smoothing, 
2 p. blue garter viscous, 
8 p. gray structural pattern, 
2 p. blue garter stitch. 

23 p. X 33 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pearl pattern. 


White thread dial 126 p. (= 1st p.), For the lower strap knit 3 p. garter stitch, 6 p. rubber band A and 4 p. face stitch, then knit pearl pattern. 

After 20 cm from the dial, close on both sides to be fitted 18 times 1 p. In each 6th p. and 2 times in 1 p. in each 4th p. = 86 p. 

Add 55 cm from the dial-up row on both sides for fitting 7 times 1 p. In each 6th p., Add the added loops to the pearl pattern = 100 p. 

68 cm from the dial-up crochet on all the loops 4 p. garter stitch, then finish the detail with an elastic band B, at the same time close on both sides 2 pts and close also on both sides for raglan bevels 32 times on 1 p. in each 2-m p., close the remaining 32 p. 

Start knitting like a back, but after 57 cm from the dial, close the middle 8 p. For the yoke and the polo clasp, both sides continue to knit separately, while first knitting the left side, where for the bevel to close from the inside edge 46 times 1 p. in each row, then symmetrically knit the right side of the details. 

Now dial 9 p. (= Plank) for the left coquette from medium closed loops, dial 57 p. (= Coquette) along the edge of the bevel, knit patterns and stripes in the indicated sequence on the coquette loops, and knit it on the loops of the plank, On the plank, knit rows in the same color of the thread as on the yoke. 

At the same time, add 2 times from the right edge 2 times for 2 points and 1 time for 1 point in each 2nd p. and 3 more times 1 p. in each 18th p.

From the left edge, turn down for a bevel in each 2nd p. * 4 times 1 p. And 1 time 2 p., From * repeat 3 more times, then subtract 22 p. 1, and decrease the weight as follows: for each subtraction, knit the loop in front of the strap together with the 1st item. front, for 2 subtracts, both stitches in front of the strap together with the 1st p. of the front strap. Upon completion of the specified sequence of colors and patterns knit white thread. 

After 28.5 cm from the beginning of the coquette, close for a neckline cut from the left edge of 9 p. Of the bar and the next 3 p., Then in every 2 p. close 2 times by 3 points and 2 times by 5 points.

The right side of the front knit symmetrically, while in the middle of the plank under the sharp tip of the cutout, make 1 hole for the button (= 1 nakid, 2 p. Knit together), the next 3 holes make at 3 cm intervals (see also the photo of the model). 

Gray thread dial 64 p. And knit stripes and patterns in the specified sequence, with in the 5th and 7th p. add 1 p. = 68 

on both sides . After 3 cm close 2 p. on both sides, then for raglan bevels, close from the right edge 19 times 1 p. in each 4th p., and from the left 21 times 1 p. In every 4 r., At the end of the right bevel for rounding the cut close from the right edge 4 times at 6 p. In every 2 p. 

Knit symmetrically right. 

Run the seams and side seams as well as the seams of the sleeves. Lay the planks on top of each other, the right plank lies on top, the right edge to the end of the strips and patterns sew on the left side of the front. 

For the collar, dial 126 n. With white thread around the edge of the neckline and knit a pearl pattern with 6 r. whites, 6 p. gray, 6 p. whites and 6 p. blue, then close the loop. Sew buttons.


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