Knitting needles warm mittens with jacquard flowers

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Cute mittens, decorated with stylized "northern" flowers, never go out of fashion. 

Yarn (100% merino wool; 185 m / 50 g) - 50 g each of white, black, burgundy and mustard; stocking needles number 3. 


Alternately 1 face and 1 purl. 

IN knit facial loops in circular rows in all rows. 

OF INTARSION Knit according to the patterns A and B with the facial surface in a circle. 

Diagram A shows the pattern of the outer part of the mitten, in Diagram B - the inner part. 

In each circular row, first knit 28 points according to scheme A, then 28 points according to scheme B. All rows should be read from right to left. 

The diagrams show all rows, 1 cell = 1 p. X 1 p. 

When changing the color of the thread cross on the seamy side of the work so that the knitted fabric does not form holes. 

In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 62nd p. schemes. 

Mittens with jacquard flowers 

28 p. X 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern in intarsia technique. 


On 4 stocking knitting needles, type 56 p. With black thread (= 14 p. On each spoke), close the row, with a contrast thread mark the transition from row to row. Knit 3.5 cm = 15 p. rubber band. 

Continue to work in the technique of knitting intarsia. 

14 p. 1 st knitting needles to knit up arrows on scheme A, 14 p. 2 nd knitting needles - after arrows, 14 p. 3rd knitting needles to knit up arrows on scheme B, 14 p. 4th knitting needles after the arrow. 

In the 19th p. 12 p. marked for the thumb translate from the 3rd knitting needle to the safety pin. 

In the next row, instead of the loops left, dial the new 12 items and continue knitting as before.

In the 50th p. of the pattern to start decreasing for the upper bevels: on the 1st and 3rd needles of the 1st section to knit the front one, 2 following loops to knit together the front one with an inclination to the left: and pull the loop through the knit. On the 2nd and 4th knitting needles, knit the loops to the last 3 points, then 2 knits to knit together the front one and the last loop to knit the front one. Repeat these reductions in each row until 4 pins remain on the needles. 

Crop the thread and end of the remaining threads. 

For the thumb, 12 left loops translate into 3 stocking knitting needles and on the second side of the cut type another 12 points = 24 points (8 points on each needle). Close the row and continue knitting in a circle with the pattern of the inside of the mitten.

After 15 p. = 5 cm in succession by 2 points. Knit together with the front ones = 12 points. In the next row, again by 2 points. Knit together with the front ones = 6 points. 

Cut the thread, pull the loops together and fasten it. 

Knit symmetrically right mitten, for the thumb temporarily leave the first 12 p. 4th knitting needles.

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