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Sectional dyeing yarn (60% cotton, 40% polyamide; 179 m / 100 g) - 600 g brown / gray / beige; Knitting needles № 4,5; circular needles № 4,5; hook number 4. 


Knit in circular rows: knit in persons. and izn. rows of facial loops. 

Straight rows: in faces. rows knit facial loops. In izn. rows knit purl loops. 

Knit in circular rows: knit purl in all rows. 

Straight rows: in faces. rows knit purl loops. In izn. rows knit facial loops. 

The number of loops should be a multiple of 14 + 7 p. In width knit * 7 p. Persons. Satin, 6 n. stitch, from * repeat, finish 7 p. satin stitch. 

Knit in circular rows: the number of loops should be a multiple of 14 + 7. 

Knit according to the above scheme. It contains only odd circular rows. In the even - knit loops on the pattern of the fabric, knit nakida facial. 

In width, start with loops before rapport, repeat rapport and finish with loops after rapport. In the height of 1 time knit from the 1st to the 28th krug.r., then repeat from the 5th to the 28th krug.r. 

Straight rows: knit according to the above scheme. 

Only persons are given on it. rows. In izn. rows of a loop to knit on the pattern of the fabric, knit knit purl.

Distribute the loops as if knitting in circular rows. In height, repeat from the 5th to the 28th row. 

18.5 p. X 25.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a structurally-openwork pattern and a front satin stitch. 

Front and back knit until the armhole as one piece in circular rows. 

Directly from the front and back to start knitting sleeves. 

The pattern of the sleeve pattern is given separately; reductions are taken into account when performing bevels. The arrows in the diagrams indicate the direction of knitting. 

Dial 196 p. And knit 1 out. a row of purlins. This series is not taken into account in further calculations.

Next, distribute the loops as follows: * 21 p. Of gum (note the 11th p. Mark with a marker for marking the lateral line), 77 p. Of the structural-openwork pattern, from * repeat 1 more time. 

At the same time, subtract 1 for every 13th circle. and 2 times in every 22nd circle. just 4 points for 1 circle. To do this, on the marked side lines, knit the middle 3 points on the gum pattern (side line + 1 point each before and after it) together with the wrong = 184 point; on the pattern of gum on the sideline remains for 7 persons., 1 out. (= side line), 7 persons.

Next, to continue the beveling, subtract 4 times in each 12th circle. 4 p., for which knit the last 2 loops in front of the side line together with the front one and tilt to the left (= 1 point. remove, as in face knitting, knit the next loop with the front one, then stretch the removed loop through it) and 2 first loops after the side loop lines knit together facial = 168 p. 48.5 cm = 124 p. from the dial, lay the first 84 front sections (= loop of the sideline and 83 seconds) on the auxiliary needle and continue to knit the pattern on the last 84 paragraphs of the backrest in straight rows. 

Simultaneously close for the armholes, starting from the division of work, from the right edge 1 times 3 sections (loop side line + 2 points) and from the left edge 1 times 2 points (= 2 points in front of the side line), then in each 2 m p. close on both sides 1 more time for 2 p. and 1 time for 1 p. = 73 p.

Through 62.5 cm = 160 p. from the typesetting edge, continue to knit with a rubber band in straight rows, while at the same time, start and finish the 4th sections with the front satin between the edge bands. After 8 cm = 20 p. close the middle 41 p. of the neck from the change of patterns and finish both sides separately. The remaining 16 points of the shoulder on each side close after 11 cm = 28 p. from changing patterns. 

Now put into work the pending loops and knit in front, like a back, but for a deeper cut-out, average 15 n. Of neck to be closed after only 1 cm = 2 p. from the change of patterns, then to round out the cut, close from the inner edge 13 times in each 2nd p. 1 p. as follows: knit the 5th and 4th from the end of the loop together with the left while the edge is worn, knit 2 n. of the right end of the sock edge, 2 n. with a tilt to the left. 

Run shoulder seams.

For the sleeves, type on the edges of the armhole on 105 p. And knit in circular rows with an elastic band, at the same time start and finish 7 p. smooth surface, these 14 items form the lower middle scar. Ensure that 7 p. Of persons lie opposite the shoulder seam. smooth surface (upper middle scar). 

At the same time, for the lower bevels, starting from the dial-up row, on the lower middle scar, to subtract: as follows: knit 5 faces., 2 points, knit the faces together. with a tilt to the left, 2 p. knit together persons., 5 persons. = 103 p. These downgrades are to be repeated 2 more times in every 2nd circle. (the number of loops, knitted faces. stitch, at the beginning and end of a circular series decreased by 1 p.). 

Next knit in the next 2 krug.r. so: 3 persons., 2 p. to knit together persons., 3 persons. = 7 p. stitch for the lower middle scar, or just 98 p.

At the same time, for the upper bevel, subtract, starting from the dial-up row, 2 times in each 10th circle. on the upper middle scar on both sides by 1 p., for which the last loop, adjacent to the scar, connected persons. stitch, knit with the 1st p. Upper middle scar along individuals. with a tilt to the left, and knit the last loop of the upper middle hem with the 1st p., adjacent to this hem, together of the faces. = 3 p. Of the upper middle scar, or just 94 p. For the upper sleeve cut, close after 12 cm = 30 krug.r. From the beginning of knitting the sleeve, the middle loop of the upper middle hem and continue to knit on the remaining 93 sections in straight rows, while starting with chrome. and 7 p. individuals. smooth out and finish symmetrically.

To give the sleeve a “flashlight” shape, subtract 15 cm = 38 krug.r./ r. from the start of knitting the sleeves 1 time 12 points. To do this, reduce the number of loops in the hems, knitted kn. stitch, as follows: the last loop of each hem, associated persons. stitch, knit with the next loop together persons. with an inclination to the left, and the 1st n. of each scar, related persons. stitch together persons. with previous loop = 81 p. Repeat these decrees once more in the next 6th p. = 69 p. (In each hem, bound by worn satin, 3 p. Remains), then in the next 2 r p. to knit 3 p. related izn. stitch, together = 57 p. 

For a round plank, continue to knit after 18 cm = 46 krug.r. from the start of the sleeves faces. satin stitch.

For ties through 1.5 cm = 4 p. from the beginning of the plank, dial an additional 20 p. on both sides and continue to knit on all 97 p. satin stitch. Through 4.5 cm = 12 p. from the beginning of the strap close all loops. 

Crochet the neck 1 krug.r. Art. b / n Then tie another 1 krug.r. Comm. Art., paving the thread below.

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