Cap and snood braids free pattern

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A stunning kit, consisting of a cap and snuda. It is connected by a braid pattern. 

Head circumference 54 - 56 cm, cap height 22 cm 

Plate. mating: alternately knit 1 circle. R. individuals. n., 1 circle. R. from P.

Braided pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 15. Knit according to the scheme. The numbers on the right indicate a circle. R. pattern. In unmarked intermediate circle. R. loops knit faces. In width rapport = 15 p. Between the arrows knit 12 times. For greater clarity, 3 rapports are indicated on the diagram in order to better see decreases. In the 2nd round. R. consistently dial after each loop 1 p. according to the scheme = double loops. From the 47th round. R. The diagram shows reductions for the top of the cap. So in the 47th circle. R. in each rapport they decrease by 5 points (only 60 points), then in the 53rd circle. R. in each rapport they decrease by 5 points (a total of 60 points). In the 55th circle. R. reduce according to the scheme for 3 rapport 5 p. (total 20 p.) and in the 56th circle. R. consistently knit on 2 p. together. In height knit 1 - 56th round. R. 1 time.

Knitting density: 34.5 p. And 27 p. woven pattern, needles number 5, in two threads = 10 × 10 cm. 

Execution: start from the bottom edge of the cap.

Dial 90 points on the stocking needles number 4.5 in two threads. Split the loops evenly into 4 needles (= 2 × 22 points and 2 × 23 p. On each spoke) and close into a circle. Mark the start of the circle. R. For strips knit 3 cm = 12 circle. R. boards mating Then translate the loop on the needles number 5 and perform a woven pattern, and dial in the 2nd circle. R. 90 p. According to the scheme = 180 p. Or 12 rapports in a circle. R. Through 17 cm = 46 circle. R. From the end of the plank, start the reduction for the top of the cap and knit accordingly. After the 47th lap. R. 120 p. remains on the needles (60 p. = 5 p. in each of 12 rapports are diminished), after the 53rd lap. R. - on the needles of 60 p., After the 55th round. R. - only 40 points. In the 56th round. R. knit together individuals. 2 p. = 20 p. 

Assembly: the remaining 20 p. pull together with both working threads. Thread carefully fasten on the inside. to the side.

To knit snoot dial the desired number of loops and knit to the desired height, then combine the resulting scarf into a ring.

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