Very Nice Blouse Free Pattern

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Relaxed, non-dimensional silhouettes dominate the trendy images. A simple but spectacular pattern animates this casual jumper.

38/40 (42/44) 46/48

You will need

Yarn (100% natural wool; 120 m/50 g)-550 (600) 650 g gray-brown; Spokes № 4.5.

Patterns and diagrams

Platinum Binding

Facial and Purls rows-facial loops.

Purl surface

Facial Rows-purls loops, purls rows-facial loops.

Facial surface

Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.


Odd number of loops. 

Facial ranges: Alternately 1 purl, 1 facial crossed, finish 1 reverse. 

Purls rows: Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl crossed, finish 1 front.

Main pattern

Number of loops multiple 3. 

1st row: Purls loops; 

2nd row: * 3 loops to touch together reverse, thus loops do not lower from the left spokes, 1 scale, then loops once again to touch together reverse and to descend from a needle, from * constantly to repeat. 

3rd and 4th rows: Face surface. 

Constantly repeating the 1st and 4th rows.

Density of knitting

22 p. x 32 P. = 10 x 10 cm.


3925073_A91635A67F13D0E0D20CC9634E468D8B (700x640, 100Kb)

Work execution


Dial on the Spokes 129 (141) 153 loops and tie 1 Seamy series as follows: 3 facial, 123 (135) 147 purl, 3 facial. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. 

Then for a lath to link 1 sm = 4 lines as follows: 2 p. Platelkoj and 1 p. reverse Gladkoj (= lath), 123 (135) 147 p. Elastic Band, 1 p. Reverse a smooth and 2 p. platelkoj (= lath), thus in the last Vixen a row on loops of a pattern 4 to be connected Loops. 

Then on the average 123 (135) 147 loops to continue work the basic pattern, external on 3 loops continue to knit a lath. 

For the end of the lateral slot through 12.5 cm = 40 rows from the strap to add on both sides 1 loop = 131 (143) 155 p. And between the Crown Knit main pattern. 

After 41 cm = 132 Series (43.5 cm = 140 rows) 46 cm = 148 rows from the strap close for shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 3 (3) 4 p., then in each 2nd row 11 x 3 p. (5 x 3 p. and 6 x 4 p.) 11 x 4 p. 

Through 48.5 cm = 156 rows (51 cm = 164 series) 53.5 cm = 172 series from the strap to tie for collar-stand on the remaining 59 p. 5 cm = 16 rows of SOGL. Pattern. 

Then tie the two rows of facial smoothness and then close all loops like facial.


Knit like a backrest.


To dial on spokes for each sleeve on 62 (71) 80 p. and to link 1 seamy a row of purl. 

Then for a lath to link 1 sm = 3 rows of an elastic band and 1 seamy a row of purl, thus for the 1st and 3rd size an elastic band to finish 1 obverse crossed. 

Then between the Cromokey continue to work the main pattern. 

For the low sleeve of the sleeves through 37.5 cm = 120 rows from the planks close on both sides 1 x 3 p., then in each 2nd row 5 x 3 p. 

After 41 cm = 132 series from the plank close the remaining 26 (35) 44 p.


Perform the shoulder seams and side seams of the collar. Sew sleeves, carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves.

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