Plenty Knitting Top Free Pattern

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Size: 38-40 (46-50) 

You will need: 700 (800) g yarn (100% cotton, 55 m/50 g); 
Circular Spokes № 9. 

Persons. Surface: Persons. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P.; In a circle. Rows: Knit only persons. 
Pattern Of openwork Braid: Number of Loops multiple 16 + 2 + 2 chrome. P. 
Knit according to the scheme, which shows only persons. R. 
In the Izh. The rows of the loop knit on the figure, the 
Start with 1 chrome. P., then constantly repeat rapport, to finish loops after Raport and 1 chrome. P. 
Repeat from 1st to 28th P. 
Make Sure that when adding the number of the scale corresponds to the number of the loops together. 
Note: Within The height of the rapport the number of loops changes and there are only 15 p. With empty cells in the rows. 

Density of Knitting: 
Pattern openwork Braid: 13.5 p. and 16 P. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Persons. Gladi: 12.5 p. and 3 p. = 10 x 2 cm. 
Note: As The number of loops increases, knit on circular spokes in rows forward and backward. 

Backrest with sleeves: 
Dial 61 (76) p. And for the strap to be 2 cm = 3 p. Persons. and start with 1. P. And in the last row evenly add 7 (8) P. = 68 (84) p. 
Then knit a pattern of openwork braid. 
For the form of a kimono in the 7th p. From a lath on both sides to close 1 x 1 P., then in each 2nd p. Close 9 x to 1 p. and 7 x to 2 p. In accordance with the pattern = 116 (132) p. 
After 55 cm = 88 R. (56 cm = 90 p.) from the shoulder straps on both sides to close 1 x 14 (16) p. and 2 x to 14 (17) p. 
After 57.5 cm = 92 R. (58.5 cm = 94 R.) from the plank to close the remaining 32 p. Neck cut. 

Before with sleeves: 
Knit is similar. 

Assembly of parts: 
Carry out shoulder seams and top seams of sleeves, and also lateral seams and bottom seams of sleeves. 
For a lath on a cut of a neck on circular spokes to raise 66 p. and Projazit 2 sm = 3 circle. P. Persons. The stitch, then all the loops close the faces. 
On the edge of the sleeves to raise on 60 (68) p. and to execute as a lath of a cut of a neck.

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