How to Make Crochet Decorative Tracks

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Decorative tracks! Today I want to offer you a simple and beautiful way to decorate the product, that's a pattern that consists of the front surface and paths with holes. You can fully tie the product with such a pattern, you can add it only on the bottom or on the sleeves. ⠀ We dial on the spokes an even number of loops and knit 5 rows of facial surface. (1,3,5 rows - facial loops, 2.4 rows- from-night loops) ⠀ Then we'll link three rows of "track with holes" ⠀ ✔6 row: crom, facial, crom ✔7 row: crom, 2 thoin. front behind the back wall, cape, crom ✔8 row: crom, facial, crom. Repeat from 1 to 8 rows. Source :

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