How to Make Lush Columns Pattern

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Hello, friends! 🙋 Today is a post about how the "Lush Columns" pattern fits. Please ❤, keep in bookmarks who want to learn how to knit themselves. 😉 Or just look, meditate (yes, knitting relieves stress not only when you knit yourself, but also when you look at the process of 😊) and listen to a cool song #ветерперемен From such a pattern is a magnificent canvas, it is a little heavy, significantly increases the consumption of yarn, but looks such a picture chic. The pattern is knit and called differently, but there is one thing in common: half-pillars are tied out of one loop and reduced to one loop. The lush column consists of untied semi-columns with a cape. Make a cape, insert the hook into a loop and pull a rather long loop, approximately equal to the length of the column with the cape. . We repeat this operation several times, in our case four times. As a result, there should be 9 loops on the hook. We tie all 9 loops in one reception, then tie the air loop. . To make the pattern look neat and beautiful, it is very important to straighten all the semi-columns, so that they lay down smoothly, as well as unwrap a thread of knitted yarn on the front side. That's it. 😊 Source :

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