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This adorable summer pullover poncho model combines a creative cut with a seductive shoulder and a shiny pattern with braids and lowered hinges.

Size: 34-38.

You will need: 400 g of gray-green (color 4) yarn Tara Lana Grossa (100% cotton, 170 m / 100 g); circular needles number 6 and number 7.


Gum: alternately 1 facial, 1 purl.

The front surface: in circular rows, all the loops are knitted with facial.

Pattern of braids and lowered loops: knit according to the pattern, in even circular rows, knit according to the pattern. The loops indicated between the arrows are knitted 2 times, at the same time in the 1st circular row start on 48 loops (do not count nakida - they serve as additions for lowered loops). Nakida before and after the pattern of lowered loops are additions for the sleeves. They should be knitted in the following circles. Run the 1st - 42nd circular rows 1 times, repeat the 23-42th circular rows 2 times and finish with the 43-46th circular rows, continuing to perform the selected additions.

The density of knitting: the front surface, the needles number 7: 14 loops and 23 rows = 10 x 10 cm; pattern of braids and lowered loops, knitting needles No. 7: 11.5 loops and 19.5 rows = 10 × 10 cm (measured with lowered loops and straightened pattern).

The arrows on the pattern - the direction of knitting.

BACK AND BEFORE WITH SLEEVES: on circular needles No. 7, dial 49 loops in Italian. Go to the needles number 6 and knit working thread according to the description = 97 loops. After the 4th row, go to the circular needles No. 7 and knit 1.5 cm = 4 circular rows with an elastic for the strap, after the 1st row close the work in a circle and knit 2 edgebands according to the pattern = 96 loops. Next, knit a pattern of braids and lowered loops, 4 loops of the front surface on both sides of the back and front serve as the beginning of the sleeves. Dedicated additions for the sleeves should be performed as described from the 3rd round row on both sides of the back and front. So in each 2nd circular row 4 loops are added = 42 times 4 loops. Through 44 cm = 86 circular rows from the strap on the needles 264 loops (without knit lowered loops).

ASSEMBLY: on circular needles No. 7, add on both sides to go through 10 loops to the pending 40 loops = 100 loops. For a plank, knit an elastic band in circular rows, and in the 1st circular row of each last thread of the lowered loop, knit 3 loops according to the pattern. After 7 cm = 16 circumferential rows of loops of akryt.

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