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SIZES 38/40 (42/44) 
The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 edging. 
Facial rows: edge, * 1 front, 2 purl, 1 front, from * constantly repeat, edge. 
Purl rows: knit loops on the picture. 

Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops. 

The number of loops is first a multiple of 30 = knit acc. pattern. On it are given facial rows. In the purl ranks all the loops and nakida knit purl or according. instructions. Rapport constantly repeat. Run 1 times the 1st —38th rows, then constantly repeat the 3rd—38th rows. After the 1st row, the number of loops is a multiple of 32. 
Facial and purl rows are facial loops. 

Right edge: edge, 2 knit stitches together with the front with a tilt to the left (1 loop to remove, as the front, 1 front, then stretch it through the removed loop). 
Left edge: knit acc. Pattern to the last 3 loops, 2 loops knit together front, edge. 

24.5 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main pattern; 
21 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface; 
inner plank - 4 p. garter viscous + nodular edge = width 2.5 cm. 
Dial 126 (134) p. onto the spokes and tie 8.5 cm = 26 p for the plank. rubber band. 
Continue the work as follows: edge trim, 2 (6) n front face, 120 base sections of the main pattern, 2 (6) n front edge, and edge. After the 1st row on the needles will be 134 (142) p.
After 40.5 cm = 122 p. (41.5 cm = 124 p.) From the bar close for proym on both sides 1 x 6 p., Then in each 2nd row 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. And 5 x 1 p. = 102 (110) p. 
Through 60 cm = 180 p. (62 cm = 186 p.) From the plank close for the neck averages 30 (34) p. And finish both sides separately. 
For rounding along the inner edge, close in each 2nd row 1 x 2 p. And 1 x 1 p. 
Simultaneously after 60.5 cm = 182 p. (62.5 cm = 188 p.) From the bar close for the shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 11 p. And in the next 2 nd row another 1 x 11 (12) p. 
Through 62 cm = 186 p. (64 cm = 192 p.) From the bar to close the remaining 11 (12) n. Shoulders. 

Dial 68 (72) p. On the knitting needles and knit the strap as follows: edge, 62 (66) p. Pattern 1, repeat the repeat continuously, finish with 1 face and 1 purl, then for inner stripe 4 p. Garter stitch + edge knotted (= in the front and back rows, always knit the front). 
Through 8.5 cm = 26 p. continue from the initial row as follows: edging, 2 (6) n. face trim, 60 n. main pattern, 4 nos. garter viscous + nodal edging. After the 1st row on the needles there will be 72 (76) p.
Gap and shoulder bevel on the right edge, as in the back. At the height of the backrest, close the work on the right edge of another 1 x 11 (12) shoulder section and on the remaining 23 (25) paragraphs, continue the work for the backrest strip as follows: hem, 17 (19) paragraph face trim, 4 garment plates viscous + nodular edging. 
Through 8.5 cm = 26 p. (9.5 cm = 28 p.) From the beginning of the knitting strap to leave all the loops. 

Knit the same as the left shelf, but in a mirror image. 

SLEEVES Collect 
the needles for each sleeve by 62 (66) sec. And tie 8.5 cm = 26 p for the slat. rubber band.
Continue the work as follows: edge, 8 (10) n. Front smooth, 44 n. Main pattern, at the same time perform rapport 1 time and finish with the first 14 n. Rapport, 8 (10) n. Front smooth, edge. After the 1st row on the spokes there will be 66 (70) n. 
At the same time, for the bevel of the sleeves, add on both sides in each 10th row from the 10 x 1 plank front face = 86 (90) n. 
After 40 cm = 120 rows from the strap close the sleeves for the sleeves on both sides of 1 x 6 paragraph and in each 2nd row close 1 x 3 paragraph and 1 x 2 paragraph. 
Then, in each 2nd row, underscore 14 x 1 paragraph, then in To each 2nd row, close another 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 4 p. 
52.5 cm = 158 rows from the bar, close the remaining 24 (28) p. 

Run shoulder seams. Run the back seam of the strap with the knit stitch and sew the strap into the neck of the back. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. Plank stitch performed along the sides, and hem backrest hem inside.

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