Sand cardigan with short sleeves

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36/38 (40) 42/44 
Yarn (100% cotton; 180 m / 50 g) - 350 (450) 500 g of sand; Knitting needles number 3; circular needles number 3; 5 buttons (size 12 mm). 


GUM: An odd number of loops. After the initial row start with 1 purl row. 

Purl rows: edging, alternately 1 face, 1 purl crossed, finish 1 face, edge. 

Facial rows: knit loops according to the pattern, while pursing the crossed loops with the facial crossed. 

Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 

Openwork pattern
The number of loops is a multiple of 30 (32) 34 + 7 + 2 edge = knit acc. pattern. It is given rapport for the 1st size. The cells marked with color for the 2nd size are doubled, for the 3rd size to triple, i.e. here, perform 1 or 2 additional loops on the back of the satin stitch. The diagram shows the facial and purl rows. Start with 1 edge, repeat constantly, repeat with the first 7 loops of rapport and 1 edge. Constantly repeat 1st to 24th rows. 

and back rows - front loops. 

28 p. X 37 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a purl and an openwork pattern; 
garter stitch (= plank) - 5 s. = 2 cm. 


Dial 129 (137) 145 loops on the needles and tie a 2 cm rubber band for the strap, while starting with 1 purl row and finish with 1 purl row purl. 

Continue the work with an openwork pattern. 

After 39 cm = 144 rows from the plate close for armholes on both sides 1 x 7 p. = 115 (123) 131 p. 

Attention . 
Closed edges of 7 p. Subsequently form on both sides the entire width of the arm for shelves and back. 

After 55 cm = 204 rows (56.5 cm = 210 rows) 58.5 cm = 216 rows from the slat, close the shoulder bevel on both sides for 1 x 5 p., Then close each x 4 row for 4 x 6 (7 ) 8 p. 

Simultaneously with the 1 nd shoulder allowance, close the 47 pt for the neck and finish both sides separately.

After 58.5 cm = 216 rows (60 cm = 222 rows) 62 cm = 228 rows from the plank, close the remaining 5 n. Shoulders. 

Dial into the loops with 67 (71) 75 loops and distribute the loops for the ledge strip + lower slit in the 1st purl row as follows: 5 s. Garter stitch (= strap), 61 (65) 69 s. 

Through 6 rows from the initial row, fasten 5 front ones, 61 (65) 69 purses and edgebands in the next purl row. The height of the bottom bar: 2 cm = only 7 rows. 

To continue the work as follows: edge, 60 (64) 68 p., With an openwork pattern, for this, perform the last 23 (25) 27 p. 1 schemes, then repeat the rapport once and the first 7 p. 1 schemes, finish 1 p. purl and 5 p. garter viscous (= plank). 

Do not armhole! 

After 48.5 cm = 180 rows (50 cm = 186 rows) 52 cm = 192 rows from the plate close for the neck on the left edge 1 x 33 p. = 34 (38) 42 paragraph. 

Perform the shoulder bevel on the right edge, as in backrest. At the height of the back close the remaining 5 p. Shoulder. 

Knit the same way as the left shelf, but in mirror image and with 5 holes for buttons. To do this, knit an edge band, 61 (65) 69 p. With an elastic band and 5 p. Garter stitch, in the 1st purl row from the initial row. 

After the strap, distribute the loops as follows: 5 s. Garter stitch, 1 s. Purl satin, 60 (64) 68 s. Openwork pattern, to do this, repeat 2 times, finish with 1 edge.

For the 1st buttonhole in the 38th (36th) 34th row of the plank (= front row), knit 2 faces, make 1 nakid, 2 loops knit together the front and 1 face. To knit in the next purl row of the front. 

The following 4 holes for buttons to perform at intervals of 34 (36) 38 rows. 

SLEEVE Collect 
the needles for each sleeve with 81 (85) 89 loops and tie the bar, as on the back, while evenly distributing in the last back row, add 4 (6) 8 p. = 85 (91) 97 p. 

Continue work openwork pattern, at the same time start with 1 edge and last 23 (25) 27 sections of the scheme, perform rapport 2 times, finish 1 edge.

For the bevel of the sleeves, add on both sides 16 cm = 60 rows from the strap 1 x 1 n., Then in each 8th row 3 x 1 n. And knit with the wrong side = 93 (99) 105 n. 

For a low gauge, close the sleeves 23 cm = 86 rows from the plank on both sides 1 x 4 p., then in each 2nd row close 4 x 4 p. 

After 26 cm = 96 rows from the plank close the remaining 53 (59) 65 p. 

Run shoulder stitches. 

For the neckline, dial 177 loops on the circular knitting needles along the edge of the neckline and tie 4 rows with an elastic band, starting with 1 purse row. Then close all the loops as purlins.

Run the side seams to the closed edges of the armholes. Sew the seams of the sleeves and sew in the sleeves, while placing the seam of the sleeves in the middle of the closed edge of the armhole and, when sewing, slightly stretch the rounded edges if necessary. Sew buttons.

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