Elegant summer top free pattern

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Yarn DROPS BABYALPACA SILK (70% alpaca, 30% silk, 50 g / 167 m) 3-4-4-4-5-5 skeins, knitting needles circular 2.5 mm and 3 mm 
Knitting density 
24 loops and 32 rows = 10x10 cm with a front satin finish on 3 mm knitting needles 
Description of the top with knitting needles for females 
Subtracting for fitting: execute diminutions on both sides of the A3 pattern: knit 2 items before the pattern persons., after - broach. 
Subtractings for raglan: in front of the marker - 2 p. Together of persons., 2 persons. (a marker between loops), a broach. 
Additions: perform with the help of nakidov, in the next. circle knit persons. cross loop. 
Main detail
On the needles 2.5 mm dial 226-250-274-298-330-354 p. And knit 1 circle of persons. In the next Circle: 19 points under the scheme А.1, 92-104-116-128-144-156 points under the scheme А.2А, 2 points according to the scheme А.2В, 19 points according to the scheme А.1, 92- 104-116-128-144-156 p. According to scheme А.2А, 2 p. According to scheme А.2В. Continue knitting according to the pattern, doing 1 vert. rapport diagrams A.1 / A.2, part height = 2 cm. Go to the spokes 3 mm and to the next. Circle: 19 points under the scheme A.3, 94-106-118-130-146-158 points by the front smoothness and at the same time evenly reduce 23-23-27-29-33-33 points, 19 points according to the scheme A.3, 94-106-118-130-146-158 p. front face and at the same time evenly lower 23-23-27-29-33-33 p. = 180-204-220- 240-264-288 p. Continue knitting according to the pattern and after 6 cm from the typesetting edge reduce 1 p. On each side (see description above),
Through 38-39-40-40-41-42 cm knit the central 15 p. Of scheme A.3 with garter knitting and at the same time evenly reduce 5 p. In these loops, and the other loops to knit with the facial smoothness. Perform 3 circles according to the drawing and close 10 points on each side for armholes, the height of the main part is 39-40-41-41-42-43 cm. 
Next. circle: 75-87-95-105-117-129 n. front face (back), at the same time put 1 marker at the first loop and 2 marker at the last loop, dial 57-57-65-65-73- 73 new n. For sleeves, knit trace. 75-87-95-105-117-129 p. Front face (front) and at the same time put 3 and 4 markers, dial 57-57-65-65-73-73 p. For the second sleeve = 264- 288-320-340-380-404 p. 
Read the description below fully before continuing to knit !!!
Knit faces. P. backrest loops (ie + 1 p. after 2 markers), sleeves: * 2 w. p., 2 ls. p., repeat from * only 2-2-3-3-4-4 p., 2 internal item, 13 points according to scheme А.4А 2 times, 11 points according to scheme A.4B, repeat from * only 2-2-3-3-4-4 p., 2 parts, loops before knit lits.p. (ie, 1 point before the 3rd marker and 1 point after the 4th marker), the second sleeve is knit as the first. 
as follows. the circle begin to decrease in the raglan lines, making a decrease on both sides of the markers (= 8 p. subtract). Repeat the circle of reductions in each 2nd circle only 21-22-24-25-26-26-26. 
Knitting pattern
At the same time, in a 1-1-3-4-3-3-3 round of decrease, to knit a pattern according to the scheme A.5 on the loops of the front and back = 73-85-85-97-109-121 n: 1 .P. after 1 marker, 23 points according to the scheme A.5A (raglan decreases are shown in the diagram), 24-36-36-48-60-72 points on the A.5B scheme, 24 points according to the A.5C scheme (drops of the raglan shown in the diagram), finish 1 person. before the marker. 
When 1 vert. the pattern repeat according to the pattern A.5 will be performed, knit with 0-2-0-2-4-4 circle with the front satin stitching on the front and back loops, the sleeves will be knitted as before and at the same time continue to decrease for size M + XL + XXL + XXXL. After all the decrease on the knitting needles, 96-112-128-140-172-196 will remain. Go to the 2.5 mm knitting needles and perform 3 circles with garter knitting. Close loops freely.

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