Crochet White Skirt Free Pattern

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Girls, I'm the one who knitted this skirt!  To be honest, from the very beginning of the incarnation was a lot of questions, did not know what yarn to knit, did a poll of opinions about the yarn Pearl S and decided to link it from it, it took almost 6 Motkov to 50 gr, Hook 1.5. In the process of knitting she did not like me very much, but now I do not regret that it was brought..
. Knitted on circuits, but with 1 PRSs, not with 2ssn as per circuits. The only thing that I got a small yoke, mesh it tied, and in the waist of the silicone thread, keeps excellent. And according to the scheme 4 repeated rows increasing the number of leaves after washing the skirt a little village, but only in width, but in the sock again "walking" on the figure under the bottom-white porch. 
In general, I was satisfied.

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