Delicate silk top free pattern

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40/42 (44/46) 48/50 

Yarn (100% silk, 150 m / 50 g) - 300 (350) 350 yellow-gold color; straight needles number 3; a circle. Spokes number 3, 40 cm long. 


In the front rows of the loop, knit with purl, in izn. rows - facial. 
In circular rows, all the loops are always knit in purses. 

Openwork pattern 
Knit on the scheme. Constantly repeat rapport = 17 points between the arrows. 

In the 2nd and 4th p. knit all n. life., in the rest izn. R. knit all n. according to the picture. 

Knit 5 times p. 1–4, then 1 time p. 5-23 (border), then constantly repeat the r. 25-28. 

25 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork pattern with the needles No. 3. 

Silk is drawn out during washing, the data in the instructions and on the pattern are measurements from products to washing. 


Dial 100 (172) 189 p. And knit for slats 2 p. from satin stitch and 2 p. individuals. satin stitch. Then knit 
with an openwork pattern, repeating 9 (10) 11 times rapport with 17 points between chrome. p. 

Due to delays in the 19th and 21st p. schemes the number of sections in each rapport is reduced to 13 points = total 119 (132) 145 points. 

For a neckline, set aside 61 cm (= 200 p.) from the border averages 41 (48) 55 points and finish first right side. 

At the height of the neck 2 cm (= 6 p.) Close the remaining 39 (42) 45 n. Shoulder. e 

Other side finish symmetrically. 

Knit like a back, but for a deeper neckline at a height of 57 cm (= 188 p.) From the border, put the average 41 (48) 55 points and first finish the right side. 

At the height of the neck 5.5 cm (= 18 p.) Close the remaining 39 (42) 45 points shoulder. 

The other side finish symmetrically. 

Run shoulder seams. 

For facing of a mouth to gather on a circle. The spokes to the 39 (42) 45 deferred points of the neck of the front and the back are 17 points between them = 112 (118) 124 paragraph, close the paragraph in a circle and knit 2 circle. R. from stitch, while in the 2nd circle. R. uniformly subtract 0 (10) 20 p. = 112 (108) 114 p. B Z circle. R. close all paragraphs izn. 

From the edges of both armholes dial a circle. knit 78 (82) 86 p. and knit 2 p. from stitch, then close all paragraphs izn. 

Run side seams.

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