White Blouse Free Pattern

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This product looks very impressive. And, despite the fact that it seems as if the pattern is difficult, it does not correspond to reality. For beginners The difficulty will be only at the beginning of work. In the future, the process will be clear, and link this top can be in the shortest possible time.

We propose to consider the manufacture of this model 34 size. For work it is necessary: spokes № 3.5, 300 g white cotton threads or threads of the favourite colour, a hook № 3 for processing of edges of a product.

At knitting of a top use two patterns: presented on a scheme which conditionally name the basic and a surface (obverse). When you run the main pattern, you must be particularly attentive. According to the scheme we knit only the Lyans. Ranks. In Purl-and loops and capes are executed purl. It is knit as follows: Once repeated marked pet., then, repeat once from the first row to the forty-eighth, then-from the fifteenth to the forty-eighth. As a result, we see that the pattern will expand and narrow. It is planned to add pet. and their Destruction. The instruction provides data based on the fact that the width of the pattern is 29 pet. For the cutout and shoulders, the loops need to be aligned.

The following density is maintained: the report of a pattern, that is 29 pet, it 12 SM, area 10 to 10 SM corresponds 22 pet. and 29 rows.

We recruit 94 pet. Distribute Pet. Between the Cromoas: 8 pet. – Surface, 24 pet. Dos. Pattern, 2 pet. Gladi, 24pet,-os. Pattern, 8 pet. Surface. After corresponding additions we receive 109 pet. At the level where the pattern width is all 29 pet. Continue the work adhering to the scheme, until we get 40 cm, and then prepare armholes. For this purpose through a series close once, three pet., two more times and once again one pet. At the height of 15 cm from the beginning of the Armlet pass to the cut of the neck. Close 29 Pet. In the middle of work, through a series in each part close another three pet. At the same time we organize shoulder bevel. From an external edge through a row close 9 pet, then another twice on 10 pet. Thus all the pet. We are 
We will close at height of 2 sm from the beginning of a cut.

Front part

The front part is executed in the same way, but in the middle it is necessary to make Spitz. At a distance of 2 cm from the loop loops divide into two equal parts. After completing the first part, add one loop and knit to the end of the series. In the next, the series divide the part into two identical parts and each will execute separately.

From the left edge of the Spitz, instead of having to shake three pet. Together, we carry out a stretch (it is a medium of openwork). One pet shoot, the second Proyazlyat Litsev. And stretch through the first. From the right edge, just put two of the Lyans together. After 6 cm of Spitz, we perform the cutout. On the inner edge close 8 pet. Then, through a row, 3 pet, even in a row-twice on two pet, and three times in each second on one loop. All pet. Will be closed at a height of 9 cm from the cut.


Sew the sides and shoulders and tie the edges so that the "teeth": Row b/N, the second-repeating 1 soyed. Column, 3. Pet., 1 art. Skipped, b/N of the previous row. We perform circular series.

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