Crochet Beach Tunic Free Pattern

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Sizes: 34/36 (38/40) 42, ' 44 
You need: 400 (450) 
450 g Blue Yarn Elastto 
(96% Cotton, 4% polyester. 
160 MKO g); Hook 3.5, 
Attention! We recommend that you 
Make pattern in natural 
Cell Pattern: Number of 
Tel multiple 4 + 2 + 1 AD P. 
Lifting. Knit by scheme 1. 
Start with loops before 
The port, repeating the loop- 
Port, finishing Loops 
After the rapport. Run 1 
Times from the 1st to the 3rd p., then 
Invade the 2nd and 3rd p. 
Fan pattern: Number of Loops multiple 10 • w/C P. lifting. 
Knit like a pattern of cells, but according to scheme 2. Run 1 persons. R. 
Art. 6/N, then execute 1 time from 1st to 5th p., then repeat 
From 2nd to 5th P, 
Density of knitting. Pattern of cells: 22.5 p. and 13.5 p. = 10 x 
See Fan pattern: 23 L. and 9 P, = 10 x cm, 
Backrest: To tie a chain of 90 (98) 114 to the yoke. P. + 1 AD N, lifting and knit pattern of cells, for lateral 
To add on both sides in each 2nd p. 4х 1 P.; 98 
(106) 122 p., including the added loops in the pattern. After 8 cm 
From inlaid edge leave for armholes on both sides 12 p. 
74 (82) 98 p. After 22 (22) 24 cm from the inlaid edge leave 
For neck cut average 46 p. and both sides finish 
Separately. After 25 (25) 27 cm from the inlaid edge, the work is 
To finish. For the bottom of the nabornomu edge of the yoke knit 
With a fan pattern, performing in 1st P, 93 (103) 113 St, 6/n + 3 
Lifting, for lateral bevel, add both 
Ron in each 5th p. 8 x 1 cm, including the added loops in the 
pattern, cut 52 cm from the yoke work finish, 
Front: Knit as a backrest, but with a deeper neckline of the mountains- 
Avalanche. 16 (16) 18 cm from the inlaid edge of the 
Average 46 p. 
Rukazh • Link a chain of 62 (62) 70. P. + 1 Zod. P 
and knit a pattern of cells. For bevel sleeves on both sides 
Alternately in each row and each 2nd p. 8 x 1 P., including 
Added loops in the pattern. 14.5 cm from the inlaid edge 
Work to finish. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams; The sleeves. Perform 
Side seams and seams of sleeves. Neck neckline Tie p. 
St, 6/NI 1 p, "Raca Step" (art. From left to right), 

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