Set with a pattern of braids kepi scarf and mittens

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needles Head circumference: 54 cm 

You will need: Candy yarn (100% wool, 178 m / 100 g) - 700 g of white color, needles No. 3.5 and No. 4, plastic visor. 

1st row - alternate 1 persons. n., 1 out. p. 
2 and all subsequent rows - * persons. knit as persons., izn. remove, with the thread - before work *, repeat * - * until the end of the row. * 

Elastic 1 x 1: knit alternately 1 person. n. and 1 out. n. 

Spit 1 (pattern width 3 n.): 
1st row - 1 n. remove for extra. knitting needle at work, 2 persons. n., 1 n. with additional. Knitting needles. 
2nd row - according to the picture. 
Repeat 1st and 2nd rows. 

Spit 2 (pattern width 6 s.): 
1st row - 2 s. Remove extra. knitting needle before work, 2 persons. p., 2 p. with add. Knitting needles., 2 persons. n. 
From the 2nd to the 4th and 6th rows - according to the figure. 
5th row - 2 persons. p., 2 p. remove on add. knitting needle at work, 2 persons. p., 2 p. with add. Knitting needles. 

Spit 3 (pattern width 7 p.):
1st row - 1 p. Remove extra. knitting needle at work, 2 persons. n., 1 n. with additional. Knitting needles., 1 persons. p., remove 2 p. on add. knitting needle before work, 1 person. p., 2 p. with add. Knitting needles. 
From the 2nd to the 4th and 6th rows - knit according to the pattern. 
5th row - as the 1st row. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 6th rows. 
Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. n., izn. rows - from. P.; 
with circular knitting - only persons. p. 

Kepi . 
On the spokes number 3,5, type 180 p., knit 6 rows of rubber band. 
Then change the needles to No. 4 and knit as follows: 63 paragraphs with an elastic band 1 x 1, 55 

sections in a pattern according to scheme 1, knit the remaining loops with an elastic band 1 x 1. Knit 18 rows in this way. 
Next, knit only the central 55 p., Loop on the edges set aside.

In each row, knit the last loop of the central part with the extreme loop of the side (principle of knitting the heel of the sock). 

Reduce the hinges in this way until the 27 p. Of gum, 55 p. Of the pattern and 27 p. Of gum remain on the needles. 

Close all loops. 
Make a seam. 
For the visor on the needles number 3.5, dial 44 points, knit with shortened rows, leaving 2 points for each second row in each second row. 

So knit 14 rows. 
Next, knit another 14 rows, including the work on each side in each second row of 2 paragraph. 

Close the loop. 
Insert inside the plastic visor, make a seam. 
Sew a visor to the cap. 

Italian way on the needles number 4, type 80 p., Knit 4 rows of elastic 1 x 1.

Next, knit as follows: chrome. p., 1 person. n., 1 out. p., 1 person. n., 1 out. n., 3 n. braids 1.1 int. n., 6 n. braids 2.1 izn. n., 7 n. spit 3.1 out. P., 29 points of the central pattern according to the scheme 1 and further knit braids in the mirror image. 
Knit a scarf with a length of 2 meters. 
Finish with 4 rows of 1 x 1 elastic bands, close the hinges. 

Caution! Knit mittens on two knitting needles. 

Right mitten: 
Type in the knitting needles No. 1.5 56 p. And knit 7 cm with an elastic band 1 x 1. 
In the last row evenly add 7 s. = 63 s. 

Next, knit with the needles No. 2 as follows: chrome. p., 3 persons. paragraph 29 of the pattern according to scheme 1, the rest of the loop - individuals. satin stitch.

At a height of 6 cm from the elastic to the finger, transfer 8 s. After the pattern onto the pin, re-type 8 s and continue to knit exactly. 

At a height of 15 cm from the elastic, divide the loops into 2 parts and begin to knit the toe according to scheme 2. 

Transfer the loops from the pin to the needle, dial 8 holes on the opposite side, and along the edges of the hole - 2 points = 20 points. 

Distribute the loops on 4 needles equally and knit in a circle with the face of the stitch to the middle of the nail. 

Next, gradually begin to reduce the loop, tying 2 p. Together persons. Until 4 p. 

Remain . Pull the remaining loops on the thread. 
Perform side seam mittens. 
Left Mitten: 
Knit symmetrically. 
Remove the finger loops with a pin at the end of the row in front of the hem.


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