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size: 48-50 

you will need: 500 g Yarn Alpaka Wool (60% wool, 40% alpaca, 100 g of m-300) n colors, cn. No. 2.5; No. 3, ring No. 

Patterns: 1 x 1 gum: all rows alternately 1 person, 1 out. 

Spit: fit on 9 loops on the front surface, in each 14 row, overlap 3 loops on the auxiliary knitting needle before work, 6 p. Of persons, 3 s from the auxiliary knitting needle. 

Gum 5 x 2: 1 row - 5 persons, 2 out. 2 row - according to the picture. 

Gum: 1 row of front loops 2 row of purl loops 3 and 4 front loops 5 row of purl loops 6 row of purl loops. Repeat with 1 row. 

Wrong surface: persons. rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 

The front smooth surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

The back: on the needles No. 2.5 dial 130 points. Knit 20 cm with an elastic band 1 x 1, in the last row, adding evenly 18 points. Go to c. No. 3, knit purl. At a height of 26 cm go to the front surface. At a height of 40.5 cm from the start of knitting, make an armhole, closing for this on both sides 1 time in 5 points, 2 times in 3 points, 1 time in 2 points and 5 times in 1 point. At a height of 58.5 cm from the beginning of knitting close the middle 30 points. For rounding the cut on both sides close 1 time 7 points, 1 time 6 points, 1 time 5 points, and 1 time 3 loops. At a height of 60.5 cm shoulder loop close.

Before: on needles No. 2.5 dial 130 points, knit 20 cm with an elastic band 1 x 1, adding 18 points uniformly to the last row. Go to needles No. 3, knit 6 cm with a purl, with 2 braids in the center of the front, between them 2 int. loops, after 26 cm from the start of work, distribute the loops in the following way: 1 chrome, 37 p. gum 5 x 2, 20 p. of transverse gum, 2 p. izn, 20 p. "Scythe", 2 p. izn, 1 chrome. At a height of 40.5 cm from the start of knitting, close for an armhole 1 time 5 points, 2 times 3 points, 1 time 2 points, and 5 times 1 point in each 2 row. At the same time, for the gate-square, close the middle 24 points, and knit both sides separately, redistributing the hinges as follows: the right half is knitted with a 5-band transverse elastic band, then switch to the 5x2 elastic band. knitting at the beginning of a series of 10 paragraphs. stitch, at the same time diminishing the hinges for the gate, knitting together 2 and 3 loops in each 4 rows. At a height of 60.5 cm. Loop loop close. Knit the left half with the purl to the height of the transverse elastic band on the right shelf, then tie 3 bands of the elastic band 5 x 2, and then knit with the purl to the end of the row, not forgetting to reduce the loop for the collar.

Sleeve: on needles No. 2.5, dial 49 points, knit with an elastic band 1 x 1, change the spokes to No. 3 at a height of 7 cm, adding 8 points in the last row. Next, knit with the front satin finish, adding for each bevel in each 6 row sides 25 times 1 loop. At a height of 30 cm from the beginning of the work go to the seamy surface. At a height of 39cm close each side 1 time 5 points, 2 times 3 points, 3 times 2 points, 10 times 1 point, in each second row, then 3 times 1 point in each 4 row , then in each 2nd row 2 times 3 p, 2 times 4 p, 1 time 5 p. Close the remaining 9 loops. 

Blouse assembly: perform shoulder seams, on the edge of the collar with circular needles, make loops for the collar, knit with 1 x 1 elastic to a height of 8 cm, close all loops. Sew the sides of the collar to the closed square loops. Run side seams, sleeve seams, insert sleeves.

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