Crochet Black Dress Free Pattern

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All the elements in the dress are knitted separately and then collected either crochet or sewn with a needle. We need to build a yoke pattern. To do this, choose a dense t-shirt, dress it on the one on whom you knit and chalk on it to draw the desired shape of the yoke on the front and back. 

In the beginning it is necessary to link central strips of a fileynogo cloth. Then it is necessary to define with width of a belt lace and only after that to knit lateral details which width now will be easy for defining. Instead of Ireland on a yoke it is possible to tie the same fileynoe a cloth, but from a corner, as in a scarf. You can use diagrams from a theme. You can put half of the ribbon lace on the perimeter of the yoke. To knit better from х/b, these threads better keep a form and from weight of columns do not deform.

Source : https://club.osinka.ru/topic-64861

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