Crocheting with Soft Rope

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Why Plus? ⠀ 👍 Incredibly soft and gentle ⠀ Many, many silky lint stoused around the thread-base😍 evenand and tight😉 ⠀ 👍 Hypoallergenic ⠀ Suitable for babies from birth, 100% micropolyester composition ⠀ 👍 Warm and light ⠀ Even if you knit a large plaid, it will be light, voluminous and at the same time warm the baby in any weather😍 ⠀ 👍 Huge choice of color ⠀ Now there is a yarn even with a combination of several shades in one 😜 ⠀ According to the results of yesterday's survey, you liked plaids, tied with hands from the pawns, which is not surprising. They are magical: voluminous, airy, warm and aesthetic 😍 available to order at a price of about 2200 rubles per square meter (the final price is calculated individually and depends on the size and pattern😉) ⠀ In the video, my discovery is a velour yarn, even more tender and shiny 😍 It will be a big plaid for my beloved son of rich sunny color ☀️

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B-e1dzTAkay/

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