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I use this not only when I finish a piece but when I will be adding a border to the piece or when switching colors for an amigurumi. It is mainly used when I need the correct number of stitches and I don’t want to be confused with the slip stitch bind off. 1. Cut your end with a longer tail and pull the end all the way through the stitch. 2. Place the yarn on a needle. 3. Go under the v of the stitch you will be connecting to (this should be the first stitch) 4. Go under the back loop of the last stitch. 5. Go under the back horizontal loop of the last stitch. 6. Go under the back horizontal loop of the first stitch (this creates the the connecting bar between stitches). 7. Weave in the end. Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B-FH-mIBi8_/

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