Blue mottled suit

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Size: 44
You will need: 400 g blue-blue (No. 03) Alpina Lena Print sectional dyeing yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 50 g / 280 m), hook No. 2, knitting needles No. 2.

Openwork pattern: knit according to pattern 1 In Izn. R. knit according to the drawing, crochets knit out. Repeat from 1st to 12th p.

Border: knit according to scheme 2. Repeat from the 5th to the 8th p.

Tying: knit according to scheme 3.

Density of knitting, openwork pattern: 29 p. And 48 p. = 10 x 10 cm; Art. s / n: 20 tbsp. s / n and 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm; border: 24 air. p. and 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: on knitting needles dial 134 p. And knit with an openwork pattern. After 30 cm (144 p.) For the sleeves add on both sides in each 4th p. 10 x 1 p. And knit on all p. According to the drawing. After 20 cm (96 p.) Close all items.

Before: knit like a back.

Assembly: perform side seams and sleeve seams. Fold shoulder seams 10 cm on both sides.

On the lower edge of the finished product, perform 12 p. rims according to scheme 2.
On the edges of the sleeves, perform 8 p. rims according to scheme 2.
According to the neckline, tie in according to scheme 3.

For the cord, dial a chain of air. n. 170 cm long and tie 1 p. Art. s / n Pull the finished cord into the openings of the openwork pattern along the waistline.

Job description: dial a chain of 208 air. n., close in a circle and knit in a circular p. Art. s / n After 30 cm (36 p.), Knit with a border according to scheme 2. After 20 cm (24 p.), Tie in accordance with scheme 3. Finish the work.

For the cord, dial a chain of air. n. 170 cm long and tie 1 p. Art. s / n Extend the finished cord between Art. s / n at the waistline.

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