How to Stitch Round Bag

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Without a semantic and training load, as usual) Just knitting a round bag. Half-pillar pattern with cape, 5mm hook. And that's what I'm knitting from - it's already interesting 😏 This is NEW, which from day to day will appear on our shelves - a cotton cord. I knitting from 4mm, there will be 5mm and 3mm (of it, by the way, I have already tied the handbag 😉) Acord of 100% of the cotton (without impurities ☝️), which means that it is smoother and more relief than usual. But I will not tell everything at once (I make a mysterious appearance and go to knit further 💃)❤ Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B5TDMLOAbJT/

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