Crochet Beach Tunic Free Pattern

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SIZES : 36 (38/40) 42/44 you need Yarn (75% Cotton; 25% polyamide; 200 m/50 g)-150 (150) 200 g black, 100 (100) 150 g white, 50 (50) 100 g green, blue and brown; Hook № 3. PATTERN PATTERNS OF ART. B/Neach row start with 1 VP lifting (instead of 1st St. b/N), finish the art. b/N in VP lifting the previous row. MESH Patterned Knit on an odd number of loops according to the scheme. On the diagram are the facial and purls rows. The ranks begin, as shown, with 3 VP lifting (instead of 1st C/N), Sootv. With 1 V P rise (instead of 1st St. b/N). In width start with loops before rapport, repeating rapport, finishing loop after Raport. In height repeat from the 1st to the 8th row.  Attention! Zero Series (0) = The last row of the strap.

SEQUENCE of POLS8Р. Blue, * 4 R. Chernoy, 4 R. White, from * Repeat 2 more times, 4 R. Chernykh, 16 R. Greens, 10 R. Brown, 2 R. Blue, * * 2 R. Chernykh, 2 R. White, from * * to repeat 12 times = only 116 р. DECORATIVE UBAVKIAT THE beginning of a row P. = 3 VP and 1st Art. S/n rows of the touch together.  At the end of the series reduce 2 p. = last 2 art. S/N of a row to be connected together, having excluded lying between them v. P. DENSITY of KNITTING 28 p. х 18 R. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted by a net pattern. Pattern

BACK HALF of the Dress with a thread to perform the initial chain of 129 (139) 149 VP and Knit for the bottom strap 1.5 cm = 4 p. St. b/N. 

Next, knit a mesh stripe pattern in the specified sequence. 

At the same time for lateral bevel, starting from the bottom bar, reduce (see decorative Ubavki) on both sides 1 time through 16 р. From the lath, then 2 times in each 24th p. 2 p. = 117 (127) 137 p. 

Through 55.5 cm = 100 R. From the bottom bar to start forming armholes: from both sides to leave unknitted 1 time to 4 p. (For this at the beginning of the series with the help of the soyed. To pass to the necessary loop), then in each 2nd P. 1 times 4 p., 1 time to 2 p. , 2 times 4 p., 1 x 2 p. and 2 more times 4 p. 

Through 64.5 cm = 116 R. From the bottom of the bar on the remaining 61 (71) 81 p. To tie for the running Blue Thread 1.5 cm = 4 p. St. b/N and work finish.

The FRONT HALF of the Dress is like a back half.

Assembling the Right arm of the front half of the dress to tie the blue thread of the 42 art. b/N and, without breaking the thread, for the straps to tie the chain of 78 (88) 98 VP, then the right armtail of the back halves to tie 42 art. b/N, at all 162 (172) 182 p. link 1.5 cm = 4 p. St. b/N and work finish. 

The left arm to tie and execute the strap is similar. 

Run the side seams to the edge of the strapping arm.

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