Stylish Women Cardigan Free Pattern

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38/40 (42/44) 46/48

You will need to
Yarn (50% alpaca wool, 35% polyacryl, 15% wool; 65 m/50 g)-700 (750) 850 g pale pink; Circular Spokes № 6; 6 buttons of pink color 26 mm in diameter.

Patterns and diagrams

Due to the increasing number of loops knit on circular spokes in rows in the forward and reverse direction.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Purl surface
Facial rows-purls loops, purls rows-facial loops.

Cross Band
To Start with 2 rows of reverse Gladi, then to knit alternately on 4 rows of a face smooth and reverse gladyu.

Density of Knitting
15 p. x 23 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

The Transverse elastic band pulled together in height, but when worn again a little stretched. Therefore, the density of knitting in height is measured on the model, laid out on the horizontal surface and in a slightly stretched form.

The Jacket is knit from 3 parts from top to bottom, thus the sleeves are carried out as a whole.

The Collar is subsequently knitted on the finished product. Arrow on the pattern = direction of knitting.

Doing the work

Backrest with rear halves of sleeves
Dial the Spokes 206 (212) 218 p. And to mark the beginning of the collar to weave thread in the initial row on both sides of the average 30 p. (see * on the pattern).

Continue the work of the transverse rubber band.

After 16.5 cm = 38 rows (18.5 cm = 42 series) 20 cm = 46 rows from the initial row left on both sides of the 61 p. for sleeves.

For the backrest to continue working on the average 84 (90) 96 p. Sogl. The pattern and through 49.5 cm = 114 rows from the initial row close all loops as facial. 61. On the left side of the sleeve, re-dial on the spokes and continue to perform the transverse elastic band, thus for the flared form to knit as follows: Connect 1 front row on all loops.

At the beginning of the next Iznanochnogo series close 1 x 7 p., then in each next Vixen row close 2 x 7 p. and 5 x 8 p.

After 7 cm = 16 rows from the beginning of the bevel all loops are spent. Dial on the Spokes 61 the right back of the sleeve and knit in the mirror, ie to perform ubavki in each face row, and start with the 1st Ubavka in the 1st Lyceum row.

Bevel will be 1 row shorter, it is subsequently compensated for the performance of the lower seams sleeves.

Left shelf with front half sleeves
Dial on the Spokes 122 (125) 128 p., turn the work and on the front side after the first 34 p. vplity in the initial row thread for the mark.

Continue the work of the transverse rubber band.

Through 16.5 cm = 38 rows (18.5 cm = 42 series) 20 cm = 46 rows from the initial row to leave the last 61 p. for the sleeve.

For shelves continue work on the first 61 (64) 67 P. Sogl. And at the height of the backrest, close the hinges as the facial.

Then re-dial the spokes 61 p. Sleeves and continue work sogl. Pattern, while the bottom of the flared shape is done as on the right back half of the sleeve.

Right shelf with front half sleeves
Knit in mirror display and with 2 pairs of button holes. To do this, after 2 cm =
4 rows from the initial range knit to the last 21 p., then make 1 scum, 2 p. Projazit together front, 13 facial, 2 p. Projazit together front, 1 scum, 3 facial and Kromovyh. The Scum in the Vixen row purl. Run Another pair of button holes in the next 28th row.

The Ubcaps for the flared-shaped sleeves perform as on the left back half of the sleeve.

Run the upper seams of the sleeves and the shoulder seams to the appropriate elevations. Execute the bottom seams of sleeves and lateral seams, thus on lateral edges to pay attention to exact combination of strips of a pattern.

Dial on circular spokes at the edges of the neck of the shelves to 34 p., on the edge of the neck of the backrest Dial 30 p. and trim the thread. Then a new working thread, starting with 1 facial series, knit on 98 p. Transverse Elastic band.

In the 21st row of the collar perform another pair Of holes for the buttons above the previous holes.

After 11.5 cm = 26 rows from the beginning of knitting collar close all loops as facial.

Sew the buttons to the left shelf and the collar symmetrically to the holes on the right shelf.

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