Two Tone Sweater Free Pattern

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Yarn (100% cotton; 90 m / 50 g) - 300 g each. ecru and gray green; circular needles number 5. 


Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

and back rows - front loops. 

pattern consists of separately connected strips of 25 loops, which are connected to each other by crossing in the 16th and 43rd series of the scheme. The total number of loops is a multiple of 50; knit acc. pattern. On it are given only the front rows. In the purl rows of the loop knit by drawing or according. instructions. Rapport constantly repeat. 

After the 15th, 42th and 69th rows, the corresponding purl row is missing. 2 facial rows are performed in a row. Run 1 times the 1–69th row, then constantly repeat the 16–69th rows, while observing the sequence of thread colors. 

21 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Jumper to armhole knit with a single cloth. The dimensions on the pattern are obtained when measuring the model on a horizontal surface. 

Gray-green thread dial 5 x 25 stitches with needles, thread col. Ecru type on the spokes 5 x 25 loops and tie 5 strips A and B, first 15 rows separately with a pattern from “braids”. 

In the 16th row, by crossing, connect all lanes into 1 circular row, while repeating constantly repeat = 250 points. 

At the beginning of the circle row, the first 6 loops, without knitting, remove them as purses, and include them at the end of the circle row in the last intersection of the circle row. 

Then again, all 10 bands knit separately according. thread color. 

In the 43rd row of the scheme, again associate 1 circular row, as in the 16th row of the scheme. 

After 37 cm = 96 rows from the initial row, divide the work and first, at the first 125 points, continue to knit the back. 

At the same time, for both knitted sleeves on both sides, dial 1 x 39 new hinges (= according to the color of the rapport thread, 1 strip for 25 loops and 1 outer strip for 14 loops; the end of the row loops are arranged in a mirror image) = 203 p.

After 47 cm = 122 rows from the initial row, close the thirds of the average 13 points and finish both sides separately. 

Perform the following row (= row of crossing) as follows: on the right edge of the neck, first cons. Knit the pattern to the last 12 loops, then acc. scheme to cross and close the last 6 sections at the same time. 

Cross the first 12 loops on the left edge of the neck as follows: 6 loops on the auxiliary spoke before work, close 6 sec., then 6 loops from the auxiliary needle to knit 1 nodular, 4 frontal, 1 purl, the remaining stitches to knit acc. pattern = 89 p. on each side of the neck.

After 57.5 cm = 149 rows from the initial row, close all loops in the pattern, leaving the last 6 loops of the strip on the auxiliary needle for the first 6 loops of the next strip, then knit the front and 1 a loop of the left knitting needle to close. Before finish likewise. 

Run the shoulder seams only on the "braid" hinges. Closed loops "braids" along the edge of the neckline sew from the inside. Run the lower seams of the sleeves.

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