Motley tunic with holes for a magnificent lady

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Dimensions: 48 (50-52). 

The dimensions of the finished product: 
chest girth -114 (134) cm, 
length - 80 (85) cm, 
internal sleeve length - 48 (50) cm. 

You will need: Novita Huurre yarn (84% acrylic, 8% mohair, 8% wool, 490 m / 100 g) - 300 (400) g section-colored in green tones (836), circular needles No. 3.5-4, 80 cm long, hook No. 4. 

Knitting technique: 
Knitwear: people. and izn. R. - only individuals. P. 
Facial surface: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. p. 
Pattern of holes: 
1st row (faces.) - knit * 4 faces. p., 5 p. close *, repeat * - * until the end of the row. 
2nd row - knit izn. p., picking up on the site of closed loops new 5 p. 
3-6th rows - knit with the front satin stitch.
Next, repeat the 1-6th rows, with the holes knit in a checkerboard pattern, diminishing 1 hole. When there is 1 hole left, knit 10 rows with the front satin stitch and then start adding 1 hole, knitting them again in a checkerboard pattern. 

The density of knitting, the front surface: 20 p. X 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Attention! When knitting sectionally colored yarn, start a set of loops from the place where the thread color changes. Always start a new skein of yarn either from the outside or from the inside, so the strips will go in the correct order. Observe the same width of the bands, dividing the thread in places where the color changes. Check that the alternation of the bands continues in the correct order. On the ground nodules act the same as before. If the stripes alternate in the wrong order, start knitting on the other side of the skein after the knots. Thus the alternation will be in the correct order. 


Before. On needles, dial 128 (148) p., Knit garter stitch 2 cm. Then knit with the front satin stitch 4 rows. Next, on the right side, begin to knit a pattern of holes. At the same time, in the 62nd row, add 1 p. On both sides to add to it. Repeat the decrease in each 10th row 5 times = 116 (136) p. After completing the 132nd row, start adding loops for the sleeves. To do this, on both sides in each 2nd row add 5 times x 1 item, 3 times x 2 item, 9 times x W item, and 13 (14) times x 4 item = 296 (324) item. height of work 70 (76) cm 3 rows after the holes for neckline close the middle 16 points and then knit each side separately. To round out the cutout, close from the inside in each 2nd row 2 times x 3 points, 3 times x 2 points and 4 times x 1 points. At the height of 80 (85) cm, 3 rows after the holes, close the hinges. Match the other side symmetrically.

Back. Knit similar to the front, but the pattern is knit on the left side in a mirror image. For a less deep neckline at work height 77 (82) cm, 3 rows after the holes, remove the additional 32 needles for an additional knitting needle and then knit each side separately. To round out the cutout, close the inner side of each 2nd row 4 times x 2 points. At the height of 80 (85) cm, close the hinges 3 rows after the holes. Match the other side symmetrically. 

Assembly. Spread the parts on a horizontal surface, moisten on the reverse side and allow to dry. Run shoulder, side seams and sleeve seams. Neckline crochet 3 rows Art. b / n Crochet the lower edges of the sleeves 10 rows Art. b / n At the same time, in the 4th row, evenly subtract 4 p.

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