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Lovely dress for baby 1-2 years. Description.

Yarn-mercerized cotton LILY from VITA cotton, the color of 1610, in real a little brighter than the pictures in online stores, 125 m/50gr. It took about 200 Gr. The spokes of the 3.5-4 spoke, I was knitting on a double-room. 
Side part 

The available dresses/tunic girth hem not less than 70 cm. The sample turned out to be 25p. -8.5 cm. i.e. more than 200 loops are needed. Taking into account the Rapport (20 or 40 loops) and the increase of the hem in the larger side (on the growth) gained 220 loops. 
Knitting started from below. Since the beginning of the four rows of the dress binding. For the Yubochno Part I use the Japanese pattern, it is better to knit in a circle, so I knit on long little spokes (circular desired number and length of fishing line in our city did not find): 

Repeated four times the series from the 1st to the 24th, and once the series from the 1st to the 20th, narrowing a little upper part, not performing the scale, highlighted below on the scheme blue color. 

The total part of the skirts was 28 cm high and the upper part of the 153 hinges. 

Front of the bodice 

For the bodice used the following pattern, its density turned 26 p. = 9.5 cm: 

Tied in a circle of 10 rows (2cm), then divided into the front (78 loops) and the back (75 loops) part and knitted separately. 
For the tying of the armholes, the 2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 loops were gradually reduced from each side (the total before the cut was 20 loops and became 21 cm wide, 58 loops). Then we do not reduce the number of 42 (10 cm). 
To tie the neck close the central 14 loops and then on each side of the 2-1-1-1-0-1-0-1-0-1, total on the shoulders left on 14 loops. We put directly 7 rows and close loops. The height of the bodice turned out somewhere 61 a row, 14 Sm.

Back of the bodice 

For armholes reduce from each side of 2-1-1-1-1-1-1-0-1 loops, remains 58 loops. Knit Straight 52 series (12 cm). 
For a neck close the central 24 loops, then reduce from each party 3 times on 1п. In each row. There are 14 loops left. We put directly 7 rows and close loops. 

At this stage I made the WTO (this photo is best passed the beauty of the pattern))) 

has made the right shoulder seam, the left shoulder seam did not sew up, processed together with a throat a rachim step, simultaneously having formed two loops by air loops a hook. On the back half of the shoulder came the buttons. 


Sleeves knitted, focusing on the paper pattern, built on this description. Only the width of the sleeve took a smaller, 20 cm. Total gained on spokes 56 loops. 
1-4 series: Dress binding, 
5-10 Series-The pattern used in the bodice. 
Further, since it was knitted by turning rows, it was convenient to do the decrease only at the beginning of each row, applying the sleeve to the pattern and closing the loops that climbed beyond this pattern. Total:

7th row: Close 6 p.-Remains 50 p. 
8th P.: Close 6 p.-Remains 44 p. 
9th p.: Close 2 p.-Remains 42 p. 
10th p.: Close 2 p.-Remains 40 p. 
11th-13th p.: Knitting without decrease 
14th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 39 p. 
15th-16th p.: Knitting without decrease 
17th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 38 p. 
18th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 37 p. 
19th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 36 p. 
20th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 35 p. 
21st p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 34 p. 
22nd P.: Close 1 P.-Remains 33 p. 
23rd P.: Close 1 P.-Remains 32 p. 
24th-26th P.: Knitting without decrease 
27th p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 30 p. 
28th P.: Close 1 P.-Remains 30 p. 
29th p.: Close 1 P.-remains 29 p. 
30th P.: Knitting without decrease 
31st p.: Close 2 p.-Remains 27 p. 
32 p.: Close 2 p.-Remains 25 
33 p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 24 
34-th P.: Close 2 p.-Remains 22 p. 
35: Close 2 p.-Remains 20 p. 
36 p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 19 N. 
37 p.: Close 1 P.-Remains 18 N. 
38-th P.: Close 3 p.-Remains 15 p. 
39: Close 3 p.-Remains 12 p. 
40th p.: Close 2 p.-Remains 10 p. 
41-th P.: Close 3 p.-7 p. 
Close the remaining loops. 

Make WTO sleeves, sew sleeves. Fill the thread.

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