Crochet Dress for Kids Free Pattern

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The dress is made of angora in two strands, and if I understand the translation correctly, the spokes were used № 9, but each picks up under his strings. The dress according to the description is calculated on OG 62 cm, in length of 60 sm.

Dial 100 loops, initial set of loops 100, Report pattern 10 loops: 7, 3 persons. For a leaf, it means only 10 leaflets.
The beginning of the knitting of the neck, double elastic, projazit 4 rows, the 5th row all loops to touch the facial.

To mark all 10 reports of leaflets and to knit only 63 loops of a back 7 patterns of a pattern, 37 of loops to leave not projazhevyi-it is 3 report of a pattern + 7 more purl loops.
63 Loops: 3 persons., 7 H. -Repeat 7 times, rotate knitting.

The next row of knit as show loops, at the end of the series add one loop, rotate the knitting. So knit 7 rows, at the end of the series adding one loop and turning knitting.
Then connect the remaining loops of the front halves and knit in a circle, performing the drawing.

Rapport of a pattern of leaflets: 1 persons., scum, 1 persons., scum, 1 persons., 7
The leaf consists of 5 scale on both sides of the front hinge.

And it's like a double rubber band. For a sample we dial 32 loops (the number should be divided by 2, plus 2 Kromokri loops) According to the following scheme of knitting:

1-St Row-The cutting loop, * touch one loop front, the second reverse loops *, the crown.
2nd row-* Wrong loop to remove, thread at work, front loop to touch the face *.
3rd Row – * Front face, wrong loop to remove, thread at work *.
EXPLANATIONS: * * Repeat actions between characters *.

At a set of loops for knitting a double rubber band number of loops it is necessary to double (an example: it is necessary 20 loops-we dial 40 loops).
This is all that I managed to find on the Internet, if there is something else, will add. Knit and show the results, hopefully all together we will manage. I want to knit children's novelty 50/200. I wish you all easy and smooth eyelets.

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