Knitted Women Set Free Pattern

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Cardigan with a mini skirt and a scarf with spokes.
Knitted cardigan white, mini skirt and scarf are also white-gorgeous set.  
Cardigan with mini skirt and scarf

Size: 34/36 (38/40 in) 
Material: 1300 (1400) G natural yarn Mille (50% merino wool, 50% acrylic, 55 m/50 g); Spokes and circular spokes № 6. 
Gum Pattern: Chrome. P., 3 p. Persons., 3 p. N. Alternately, finish 3 (0) p. Persons., Krom. P. v. P. P. Knit the way they appear. 
Platelka Knitting: P. and OBR. P. Persons. P.

Openwork Pattern: Number of multiple 10 + 5 + 2 chrome. P. Knit according to the scheme. In the OBR. P. All p. and scum Knit Before the rapport start with 1 chrome. P. and p., repeat rapport, after the Rapport finish p. and 1 chrome. P. constantly repeating 1 -16 p. 
The density of knitting openwork pattern: 13.5 p. and 22.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; Knitting: 13.5 p. and 26 P. = 10 x 10 cm.


Backrest: Dial 71 (80) p. and knit the bar 11 cm on the pattern of gum, while in the last p., evenly distributed, reduce the 4 (3) P. = 67 (77) p. Continue knitting on the openwork pattern. For bevel of shoulders through 47 cm = 106 p. From the strap on both sides to close 1 x 6 (7) p. and in each 2 p. Close 2 x 5 (6) p. through 49.5 cm = 112 p. From the plank close the OST. 35 (39) p., with the average 25 (27) p. form the neckline, external 5 (6) p. On each side belong to the shoulders. 

Before: Knit exactly the same, however with neckline for neck. To do this, through 41 cm = 92 p. From the plank close the Middle 11 (13) p. And each side to finish separately. For rounding on the inner edge in each 2 p. Close 1 Хz, 1 x 2 and 2 x to 1 p.

Sleeves: Dial 41 (44) p. and knit the cuff 13 cm by the pattern of gum, while in the last p. Add 0 (1) p. = 41 (45) p. Continue knitting on the openwork pattern of the trail. Way: Chrome. N., 1 x last 2 (4) p. raport, repeat rapport 3 x, Finish first 7 (9) p. raport and 1 chrome. P. At the same time for bevel sleeves from the cuff on both sides add 5 x alternately in each 10 and 12 p. to 1 p. According to the pattern = 51 (55) p. through 28.5 cm = 64 p. From the cuff all p. Close. 

Assembly: Sew the shoulder seams. From a cut of a neck by circular spokes to seize 61 (65) p. and Projazit 2 circle. P. N. N., then all p. Close persons. Let's get the sleeves. Sew side and sleeve seams.

Back panel: Dial 50 (55) p. and knit between chrome. P. Platelkoj. Through 38.5 cm = 100 R. (41.5 cm = 108 R.) from on-Chala in the trail. P., evenly distributed, reduce 12 p. On the OST. 38 (43) p. Knit Belt 4 cm tall in straight, then all n close.
Front panel: Knit in the same way. 
Assembly: Sew the side seams

Scarf (25 cm wide)
Dial 34 p. and knit between chrome. P. Platelkoj. After 170 cm from the beginning all p. Close.

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