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Cute knitted set: A warm skirt with spokes and a small knitted handbag on a long handle. The pattern of crossed loops and finishing beads makes this knitted pair so stylish.

The size of the skirt is 38 (on our 44 size, the waist volume is 68, the volume of hips is 94).

Materials for knitting: 650 yarn Mondial Kross grey color (100% merino wool, 80 m/100 g), spokes № 7 and spokes № 7.5, small gray beads; Elastic braid on the waist size and width of 3 cm; 1 Zipper Length 34 cm. 

Abbreviations in knitting instructions:

Pet. Hinges

LG-Facial Surface

LP-Front Loop

IP-Purl loop

Types of loops used:

Double elastic: Dial a thread of contrasting color half of the required number of pet.;

1-St Row: The working thread to associate * 1 LP, 1 scale *, repeat pet. from * to *;

2nd row: * Tie the scale of the LP, remove 1 pet. Do not touch, as pi, thread before work *, repeat pet. Between * *;

3rd row and last row: * 1 lm, remove 1 pet. As wrong, thread before work *, repeat pet. from * to *; Release the contrast thread in the finished product.

Platelka (PV): In all ranks only the LM.

Facial surface (LG): In the facial ranks-LP, in Purl-IP.

Elastic Band 1 on 1: Alternate 1 lm, 1 pi.

LG with crossed pet: knit according to the scheme.

Knitting density for LG: 12 Pet. and 17 rows = 10 × 10 cm.

Job Description:
Rear/Front part: Dial on the spokes № 7 70 pet. and knit 4 rows of double elastic band; Then go to the spokes № 7.5 and continue the LG, in the 7th row to perform crossing pet. According to the scheme, starting with the 3rd pet.

From the 17th row, connect 4 rows of PV, then continue the LG with the crossed pet., starting with the 8th pet. 21st Row. At the same time 20 cm from the inlaid series to do the decrease on both sides after 4 first and before 4 consequences. Pet. In each 6th row 6 x 1 pet. After 49 cm, wrap the 8 rows with a double rubber band and close the whole pet.

Assemble the skirt: connect the front part to the back in the side seams, and before stitching the ends of the double gum, insert the elastic braid into it.

Sew Beads: Dial on the needle with a thread of beads in groups of 6 pieces and sew each group of beads to the 3rd pet. Each overlap (as pictured).

Pattern of knitting and pattern:

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