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Large and bright basket can be used as a vase for fruit or, for example, a container for storing needlework.

Diameter - approx. 100 cm, height - approx. 13 cm


Yarn (100% polyacryl; 140 m / 50 g) - 100 g red (= A), 50 g each, bright pink (= B), wine red (= C), yellow (= D) and light green ( = E); hook number 9.

Knit in 2 threads.

Knit in circular rows Art. b / n At the beginning of each krug.r. additionally link 1 ce Unless otherwise specified, in every art. b / n knit 1 tbsp. b / n 

For increments, perform 2 tbsp. b / n on one loop base. Increments evenly distributed throughout krug.r. and in every circle. perform with offset. 

Every circle. finish using 1 conn. Art. in the 1st st. b / n 

If at the end of krug.r. you need to change the working thread to a thread of a different color, then knit the connection. Art. to complete the circle. thread has a new color. 

Changing the thread of a different color will be more accurate, if at the end of the circle. Cut off the working thread, tie the thread to any place of the row and knit as described.

Run initial chain from vp and knit as follows: 
1st round. thread E,  

2nd krug.r. - thread C, 

3rd and 4th krug.r. - A. 

5th circle. P.: (With thread B) add 10 tbsp. b / n = 40 art. b / n 

Circle 6: (thread D) Art. b / n 

7th circle. R .: (with thread C) add 10 tbsp. b / n = 50 art. b / n 

8th round. R .: (with thread A) add 10 tbsp. b / n = 60 art. b / n 

9th krug.r .: Art. b / n 

10th krug.r .: add 10 tbsp. b / n = 70 Art. b / n

Circle 11: (thread B) 1 tbsp. b / n in the first 2 tbsp. b / n, 1 p. "shell" in the underlying circle. (= 6 items. B / n knit together, while for the 1st item. B / n enter the hook 1 p. Lower into 2 items b / n in the direction to the right, for the 2nd item b / n enter hook 2 pp lower in 1 st b / n in the direction to the right, for 3rd b / n insert a hook 3 p. lower, for 4 th b / n insert a hook 2 p. down in 
1 item b / n in the left direction, for the 5th item b / n, insert a hook 1 p. lower in 2 items b / n in the left direction, and also for the 6th item b / n enter hook into the next b / n of the previous row and pull out the loop, then with the help of 1 nakida, knit all 7 loops on the hook together), * 1 st. b / n in the next 6 tbsp. b / n, 1 p. "sink", from * repeat 8 times, 1 tbsp. b / n in the last 4 tbsp. b / n Total in the circle of 70 st. b / n

Circle 12: (thread B) Art. b / n 

Circle 13–16: (thread A) art. b / n 

17th circle.: (Thread D) as 11th circle., While knitting with the displacement of the loop "sink". 

Circle 18–21: (thread A) Art. b / n 

22nd krug.r .: (thread C) as the 11th p. 

Circle 23–25: (thread A) Art. b / n 

Circle 26: (thread B) Art. b / n 

Circle 27: (thread E) Art. b / n 

28th krug.r .: (with thread E) in “slumber step”.

Bind the connected part onto a suitable vase, starch and dry, then remove the vase.

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