Crocheting Basket Tutorial

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YES, SUCH TIMES... I knit, and the world goes crazy... ⠀ Yes, such times... I'm going to buy rice, too😂 because I can't find it in the shops for two days, and we love rice!!! ⠀ Yes, such times... I raised the prices of my work today, remember what I said about it? I plan to broadcast live on this topic at the first opportunity, if I have this opportunity. If not, I will hold children under the screams in an attempt to catch them on a walk. And yes, we're not going to stay at home in self-isolation just because my uncle on TV decided that for us. ⠀ Yes, such times... I feel crazy just because, like everyone else, I speak about the topic of general madness. But I knit sneakers. Son. Fourth attempt. Collected from 6 purchased MK one. Once again I am convinced that only my experience is the key to success in everything. On the reflex I turn the thread and pull up each loop. The sole of the slippers should be especially dense, so as not to be trampled by the sock😉 Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B96UB76g7iS/

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