Knitting Raglan Tutorial

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This line is used when knitting a raglan from above. It's very simple, but it looks mega cool. The knitting process. The line is formed from 6 loops, n 3 loops on each side of the middle of the raglan. Add-ons with such a regand line are made in each 4 row, because at a time we add 4 loops (2 loops in front of the line and 2 loops after the line). Description of knitting: 1 row: of 3 loops to the right of the middle of the raglan, tie 5 loops (3 loops together face behind the front walls, cape, again facial, cape, front, all loops to throw off the left spoke). If you're looping the hinges in a grandma's way, then preliminarily this 3 loops need to be unwrapped. Of the 3 loops to the left of the middle of the rlongline, you first need to deploy. If you're instilling your grandmother's hinges, you don't have to unwrap it. Of the 3 loops you need to tie 5, just as we tied the loops to the right of the line of the raglan, only tie them behind the back walls. 2.3 and 4 rows of the line. Then we repeat from the 1st to the 4th rows. Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B-w2tIOC-B6/

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