Coaster Bear Free Pattern

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To work you will need:
-Alaska yarn from the manufacturer Nako grey;
-Acrylic white and pink;
-Hook № 2;
-A pair of eyes (black half beads);
-Decorations (bow);
is a bit of a synth.
And also the ability to crochet ovals, circles and triangles. There are no Circuits. In fact, everything is very simple-just 17 detalek. And a little fancy.

Knit Blanks. We will need:
1 Circle-The body (connected PRSS 4 series in a circle. Grey Thread)
2 Oval-Head (connected 4 rows of SBN, 1 row of PRSS in a circle, thread gray)
1 Oval-Muzzle (connected 4 rows of RVN in a circle, thread white)
2 Triangles-Ushko (connected 1 row-2SSN; 1S2n; 2SSN. In one loop; 2 row of gray thread)
2 triangles-The inner part of the ear (to Dial 6 VP, Knit, diminishing on the sides, pink thread)
4 legs — (knit as half oval, RVN 2 rows back and forth, thread gray). The Front is a little long rear. On the front Dial 8 VP, on the rear 6 VP.)
4 pads on the legs-(2 circles 10 PRSS in Ka; 2 half-circles 8 PRSS in one loop)

1 tail-dial the desired length of the VP I have 15. To Make the tail vaulted, tie it with a zigzag. In one place reduce 3 loops, in another make a raise of 3 loops.

Sew the pads to the paws and pink triangles to the ears, the tip of the tail embroidered with white threads.

Tie the two oval heads, inserting the ears between them. Fill the synth and make the rest of it.

Checkout face. Sew the white part, slightly fill it with a synth. A little duck face in the center, embroider moustaches and nose. Stick your eyes.

Head, front legs and body to tie in one trick. The Rear legs and tail also tied the hook.
Decorate your coteyku with a bow, or as a hint of fantasy.
A Perfect gift for friends and family is ready!

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