Openwork tank top and sleeves free pattern

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Dimensions: 36/38 (44/46). 
You will need: 250 (300) g of Secondo plum yarn (50% cotton, 30% polyamide, 20% silk, 125 m / 50 g); 150 g Felpa plum yarn (60% polyamide, 40% merino wool, 80 m / 50 g), knitting needles No. 4; set of stocking needles number 8; hook number 3.5. 

Facial smoothness: persons ranks - persons. hinges, rows - from. loops, in circular rows knit only persons. loops. 

Wrong surface: persons. rows - from. hinges, ranks - individuals. loops, in circular rows knit only izn. loops. 

Openwork pattern: knit according to the scheme. Start with 1 chrome., Repeat the loop of rapport, end with loops after rapport and 1 chrome. Repeat from the 1st to the 16th rows. 
Gum 2 x 2: alternately 2 persons., 2 out. 

Knitting density 
Openwork pattern, thread Secondo knitting needles No. 4: 18 loops and 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm 
Facial surface, Felpa thread, knitting needles No. 8: 11 loops and 16 rows = 10 x 10 cm. 

Work description 

Sleeveless jacket
The back On the needles number 4 Secondo thread dial 80 (95) loops and knit openwork pattern. After 50 cm from the typesetting edge, close the bevels on both sides with 5 (6) loops and in each 2nd row 3 x 5 (6) loops. After 52 cm from the typesetting edge, close the remaining loops. 

Before Knit, as back, but with a neckline. To do this, close the middle 24 (31) loops through 47 cm from the typesetting edge, and finish both sides separately. For rounding, close from the inside edge in each 2nd row of 1 x 3, 1 x 2 and 3 x 1 loop. At the height of the backrest all the loops should be closed. 

Assembly Run shoulder and side seams, while leaving the upper 20 cm open for armholes. Crochet all edges with a Secondo 1 thread next to the sc and 1 beside the crawl step (sc from left to right).

Sleeves On the stocking needles number 8, thread Felpa dial 20 loops and tie 4 cm with an elastic band. Then knit the faces. At the same time, first knit straight and inverse rows for the thumb hole, and in the 2nd row and in the next 3rd row evenly add 2 loops evenly. Through 6 rows from the gum, knit in circular rows, while in each 15th row evenly add 2 x 2 loops = 28 loops. After 36 cm from the elastic band, tie a 4 cm elastic band and close the loop.

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