Mens pullover with a description

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Dimensions: 50/52 (54/56). 

You will need: 1000 (1100) g of unpainted melange yarn (80% sheep wool, 20% alpaca, 160 m / 100 g); straight needles No. 3.5 and 4.5 and circular needles No. 4.  

Gum, needles number 3.5: alternately 1 persons., 1 out. 

All subsequent patterns knit on the number 4.5. 
Wrong surface: front rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 
Braid, first 14 pp wide: knit according to scheme 1, knit in the purl rows of the loop according to the pattern. 
A pattern of stars with a width of 22 points: knit according to scheme 2, but instead of facial loops, knit with purl loops and vice versa. 
Knitting density:  
purl: 18.5 p. and 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Spit: width 8 cm.  

How to knit a pullover with needles with a central scythe and a pattern of stars. 

Pattern Sponge: dial 116 (124) n. and tie 3 cm with an elastic band. Then knit as follows: chrome., 50 (54) n. Iz. smoothing, 14 p. braids, 50 (54) p. izn. smooth, 1 chrome. After the additions for the spit, 122 (130) p. Are located in the work. After 6 cm = 16 p. from the gum to knit on the loops from the 27th to the 48th (from the 31st to the 52nd) pattern of stars. At the same time through 13 cm = 36 p. from the gum to knit on the loops from the 78th to the 99th (from the 82nd to the 103rd) pattern of stars. After 32 cm = 86 p. from the elastic to knit on the loops from the 89th to the 110th (from the 93rd to the 114th) and after 45 cm = 122 p. from the gum to knit on the loops from the 9th to the 30th (from the 13th to the 34th) pattern of stars. Through 39 cm = 106 p. from the gum close for proym on both sides 1 x 7 n. = 108 (116) n. Through 67.5 cm = 182 p. from the gum close for the bevel of the shoulder on both sides in each 2nd p. 3 x 8 (9) p. Simultaneously with the 1st decrease of the shoulder, close the middle 28 points for the neckline cut and finish both sides separately. For rounding up close from the inside edge in every 2nd p. 1 x 4 and 1 x 3 p. Through 69.5 cm = 188 p. from the gum close the remaining 9 (10) p. shoulder on each side. 

Before: knit the same way, but with a deeper neckline. To do this, through 63 cm = 170 p. from the gum close the average 20 p. and in each of the 2nd p. 1 x 3, 2 x 2 and 4 x 1 p. Perform a decrease for the shoulder bevel, as on the back and close the remaining 9 (10) p. Shoulders on each side at the height of the back. 

Sleeves: dial 45 points and tie 5 cm with an elastic band, adding evenly in the last r. 11 p. = 56 p. Then knit as follows: chrome., 16 p. Izn. smooth surface, 22 p. pattern of stars, 16 p. smooth At the same time add for bevel sleeves on both sides of the elastic in each 4th p. 18 x and in each 6th p. 7 x 1 p. = 106 p. 12.5 cm = 34 p. from the gum through 2 n. after the 1st pattern of stars, knit a pattern of stars. Through 17 cm = 46 p. from the elastic for 2 paragraphs to the 1st pattern of stars, knit a pattern of stars and after 29.5 cm = 80 p. from the gum to knit on average 22 p. pattern of stars. Through 46.5 cm = 126 p. from the gum all the loops close. 

Assembly: perform shoulder seams; on the neckline dial 120 p. on the circular needles and knit with a rubber band. At the height of the collar 19 cm all the loops close on the picture. Sew in sleeves, complete side seams and sleeve seams.

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